Saturday, March 05, 2005

l lupine for lists like this

all the words compiled relating to animals,
with the stipulation that they end only in -ian or -ine. Here is such a
list. It comes from a manuscript in progress tentatively titled, "Dictionary
of Word Parts," by Michael Sheehan. These adjectives come from a larger list
of animal-related words culled from unabridged dictionaries such as OED, AHD,
WNU, along with various other wordbooks.

alligator (eusuchian); ant (formicine, myrmecine); anteater (myrmecophagine);
antelope (alcelaphine, bubaline); ape (simian); armadillo (tolypeutine); ass
(assinine); auk (alcidine); barracuda (percesocine); bat (pteropine); bear
(ursine); bee (apiarian); bird (avian, muscicapine, oscine, passerine,
penduline, volucrine); blackbird (icterine); bluebird (turdine); bobolink
(icterine); buffalo (bubaline); bullfinch (pyrrhuline); bunting (emberizine,
pyrrhuloxine); buzzard (buteonine, cathartine); calf (vituline); camel
(cameline); cardinal (pyrrhuloxine); cat (feline); chamois (rupicaprine);
civet (viverrine); cormorant (phalacrocoracine); cow (bovine, vaccine); crab
(cancrine); crane (alectorine); crow (corvine); cuckoo (cuculine); deer
(cervine, elaphine); dodo (didine); dog (canine); dolphin (delphine);
dormouse (myoxine); dove (columbine); duck (anatine, fuliguline); eagle
(aquiline); elephant (elephantine); elk (cervine); ermine (musteline); falcon
(accipitrine); ferret (musteline); finch (fringilline); fish (piscine,
piscatorial); flea (pulicine); fox (vulpine); frog (bufotenine, ranine);
gerbil (cricetine); gibbon (hylobatine); goat (hircine, caprine); goose
(anserine); gull (larine); hare (leporine); hawk (accipitrine, falconine);
hornet (vespine); horse (equine); hummingbird (trochiline); jay (garruline);
kangaroo (macropodine); kestrel (falconine); kingfisher (halcyonine); kite
(milvine); leech (hirudine); lion (leonine); lizard (lacertilian, saurian);
lobster (homarine); macaw (psittacine); magpie (garruline); marten
(musteline); martin (hirundine); meadowlark (icterine); mink (musteline);
mockingbird (mimine); mongoose (viverrine); moose (cervine); mosquito
(aedine, anopheline); moth (arctian); mouse (murine); nightingale
(philomelian); opposum (didelphine); oriole (icterine); otter (lutrine); ox
(bovine); oyster (ostracine); parakeet (psittacine); parrot (psittacine);
partridge (perdicine); peacock (pavonine); pheasant (alectorine, phasianine);
pig (porcine, suilline); pigeon (pullastrine); plover (charadrine); polecat
(musteline); porcupine (hystricine); quail (coturnine); rabbit (leporine);
raccoon (procyonine); ram (arietine); rat (murine); rattlesnake (crotaline);
raven (corvine); reptile (reptilian, serpentine); rhinoceros (ceratorhine);
robin (turdine); sable (zibeline); sea horse (hippocampine); seal (phocine);
sheep (ovine); shrew (soricine); silkworm (bombycine); skunk (mephitine);
skylark (alaudine); slug (limacine); smelt (atherine); snake (colubrine,
ophidian, reptilian, serpentine, viperine); snipe (charadrine); sparrow
(passerine); squirrel (sciurine); stag (cervine, elaphine); stoat
(musteline); stork (ciconine); sturgeon (acipenserine); swallow (hirundine);
swan (cygnine); swift (cypseline); swine (porcine); tick (acarine); tiger
(tigrine); titmouse (parine); toad (batrachian); tortoise (chelonian); turkey
(meleagrine); turtle (chelonian); vulture (vulturine); wasp (vespine); weasel
(musteline); wolf (lupine); wolverine (musteline); wombat (phascolomian)
woodcock (charadrine, scolopacine); wren (troglodytine); zebra (zebrine).

compiled by:

Mike Sheehan ak797[at]

"The limits of my language
are the limits of my world."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wittgenstein, who is he?

4:25 PM  
Anonymous NB said...

Love the list. I've seen it as "apian" for bees. Also, "vermian" [worm-like] is a useful adjective to have at your disposal, but "rangiferine" [reindeer] would probably require a conversation be hijacked and tortured a bit to ever come in handy.

Also interesting, though not within the limits of your list: butterfly/papilionaceous, turtle/testudinal, ostrich/struthious, chicken/gallinaceous, and whale/cetacean.

11:18 PM  
Anonymous Nicky said...

what a cracking list.

Monkey-like = simian = I get that one.

Meadowlark-like = icterine = who comes up with this sh*t?!!!!!

Great stuff.

11:53 AM  

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