Wednesday, March 23, 2005

salim was haunting mermaid avenue...

...when jeff tweedy told him of a fever dream:

From the Scotsman:

12:23pm (UK)
Woman Paid for Invisible Mermaids to Be Flown from Britain

A businesswoman paid £2,500 to fly five invisible mermaids from London to Harare to help her recover a stolen car and cash.

Magrate Mapfumo told a court in the Zimbabwe capital she paid the cash to fly the mermaids to Harare on the advice of musician Edna Chizema, who is on trial for theft by false pretences.

Zimbabwe’s Shona people believe mermaids are fearsome enchantresses capable of wreaking vengeance on wrongdoers.

Mapfumo testified that she sought Chizema’s advice after her car and thousands pounds were stolen.

She said she also paid for the mermaids to be housed at Harare’s plush Jameson Hotel, and supplied them with mobile phones and electrical generators to cope with the city’s numerous power cuts, the paper said.

“I asked about the names of the mermaids and I was told they were called Emma, Charmaine, Sharvine, Bella and a fifth one who was said to be an Arab mermaid,” Mapfumo told the court.

“All the time, she (Chizema) told me I could not see the mermaids as only spirit mediums could do so.”


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