Thursday, March 31, 2005

Cesar Chavez

We in California occassionally celebrate holidays the rest of the states simply would not consider. Today, as an employee of the state, I am celebrating Cesar Chavez day. I remember the no uvas bumper stickers and am still in awe that there are states out there that don't require crappers and sinks in the picking fields. We're so ahead of the curve on a lot of these issues and terrifyingly behind the curve on others. Fingers crossed I'll have the ability to work more on these issues in the future.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

a headline for every humor

Thief Steals Poop From Woman Walking Dog

- nuf said.

I am at a loss on this one

Death Charged in Theft From Cemetery

Published: March 30, 2005

Filed at 4:17 p.m. ET

NEW YORK (AP) -- His name is Death and prosecutors say he stole from a cemetery. Donald Death Jr., 60, was awaiting arraignment Wednesday on charges he stole nearly $300,000 from the Locust Valley Cemetery Association on Long Island.

Death, who is the chairman and assistant treasurer of the cemetery association, was charged with two counts of second-degree grand larceny and one count of third-degree grand larceny for allegedly using cemetery funds for his own purposes, Nassau County District Attorney Denis Dillon said in a statement.

If convicted he faces up to 15 years in prison.

The charges follow an audit of the cemetery association that took place last summer. It found that Death allegedly wrote checks totaling $170,000 from the cemetery association's account to Harbor Fuel Co., Inc. Death served as that company's president, CEO, and 54 percent shareholder, Dillon said.

The audit also found that Death used an association employee to provide landscaping and other work on properties he and his father owned, and allegedly added a family member to the association's health and dental insurance plans.

The total amount of money allegedly diverted by Death was estimated at $293,070.46, Dillon said.

Death's attorney, Melvin Roth, said his client would plead not guilty at his arraignment in First District Court in Hempstead. He said the entire amount has already been repaid to the association, adding he was ``disappointed the district attorney filed criminal charges, especially because everyone concerned has been made whole from this unfortunate incident.''

He called Death an ``upstanding member of the community who has served on many boards and charities'' and attributed the incident to ``business pressures Mr. Death was experiencing. We anticipate a favorable conclusion.''

Tuesday, March 29, 2005


I have mentioned recently and it is still true:

I am back in a music phase. this is a great thing.

strange and beautiful things I've only recently discovered (or at least are in rotation again):

1) the arcade fire

2) anthony and the johnsons

3) m ward

4) pere ubu

5) cocorosie

6) prince far i

7) radar brothers

8) lambchop

9) the panty lions

10) two mix cds my cousin ashod made for me (includes joanna newsom, missy elliot, etc.)

11) brazillian girls

Monday, March 28, 2005

so so sick

still sick. my god it just won't quit. the fever is gone but the aches are intense today and the cough is more painful, a constant rumble in the top of the lungs made worse or better by my position.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

death warmed over, then cooled

my fever broke yesterday, and today, for the first time in what feels like forever, I woke up not feeling like total shit. Instead I just feel like shit. This remarkable improvement is not permitting me to enjoy the weekend unfortunately, as I'm still able to infect others today and am impossibly congested and have a painful cough, but at least no fever aches.

The one I feel most bad for is Harmesh, who's been visiting from the UK and mostly been terrified he'll get the flu. He's got three more days before he heads off to somewhere (Kansas, NYC, Chicago?) All of our fingers are crossed that he remains healthy, and that he doesn't leave here thinking SF is an unhealthy place.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

salim was haunting mermaid avenue...

...when jeff tweedy told him of a fever dream:

From the Scotsman:

12:23pm (UK)
Woman Paid for Invisible Mermaids to Be Flown from Britain

A businesswoman paid £2,500 to fly five invisible mermaids from London to Harare to help her recover a stolen car and cash.

Magrate Mapfumo told a court in the Zimbabwe capital she paid the cash to fly the mermaids to Harare on the advice of musician Edna Chizema, who is on trial for theft by false pretences.

Zimbabwe’s Shona people believe mermaids are fearsome enchantresses capable of wreaking vengeance on wrongdoers.

Mapfumo testified that she sought Chizema’s advice after her car and thousands pounds were stolen.

She said she also paid for the mermaids to be housed at Harare’s plush Jameson Hotel, and supplied them with mobile phones and electrical generators to cope with the city’s numerous power cuts, the paper said.

“I asked about the names of the mermaids and I was told they were called Emma, Charmaine, Sharvine, Bella and a fifth one who was said to be an Arab mermaid,” Mapfumo told the court.

“All the time, she (Chizema) told me I could not see the mermaids as only spirit mediums could do so.”

sick as a dog

My lord I am sick.

This flu season I have been slammed twice (!!!!)

Both times I've been on planes for extended periods, tired and undernourished. yucko.

The first time I came back from Europe with Lambchop and caught the California flu from Mary (whose flu shot didn't cover the California flu), this time I caught the regular flu (since I didn't get a flu shot) from my Jet Blue flight back from DC.

The speed with which these flus set on were really quite amazing: about 4 hours from feeling a slight tweak to wanting to die. Strange thing is that before this season I hadn't been sick with the flu in many, many, many years.

Let me tell you, alternating between fevers and chills and aching like I've not felt since my last good car crash - it sucks.

Hopefully Harmesh, who is visiting from London won't get sick, we've been doping him up on VitC and eccinacea. This would not be the way to visit the states for the first time in years.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

I am over this whole blog thing

my god, the brookings institute is having a roundtable on blogs (being blogged about by participants as it's happening).

i want to hurl.

seriously,,,didn't we get over that whole wow the blog has arrived thing in November or something.


Monday, March 21, 2005

even when I don't have time

salim blogs what's on my mind.

this time it was the passing of J(ay) Z (Delorean that is) - who I mostly remember as the spectacular crash and burn coke induced haze of those crazy 80s (the revival of which seems to ring hollow without Johnny).

Thursday, March 17, 2005


The Wall Street Journal's column three article is on the origin of the concert wail "Freebird!" today is great. Interviews with Doughty and a reference to Issach Brach and Greg Kot. Quite entertaining.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

how did I miss pie day?

it turns out folks quite reasonably celebrate 3.14 as pi day. go figure. also, 1:59 is the exact minute to measure the relationship between the circumference and the diameter of your beer mug.

I blog on wedgies

Yes, it has been a long time - I've been really busy - but despite wanting very badly to get to bloglandia with a few worthwhile items, I've been left COMPELLED by this tidbit:

CLEVELAND (AP) -- Wedgie, a teenager's locker-room nightmare, has made it into the dictionary. Webster's New World College Dictionary based in Cleveland said wedgie was among its new additions to its latest edition.

The new edition will carry this listing: wedgie: noun. a prank in which the victim's undershorts are jerked upward so as to become wedged between the buttocks.

The dictionary also carries the tradition wedgie definition of a type of shoe.

```Wedgie' was always a part of the high school terminology that you sort of never thought about later,'' said Editor in Chief Michael Agnes.

``It never really entered the mainstream until the '90s. It broke out of high school and, boy -- if you don't know what it is, you're absolutely at a loss.''

The new edition will reach bookstores by May and has 58 new entries, plus another 20 new senses of existing words (such as wedgie).

The additions include Al Qaeda, blog, cargo pants, irritable bowel syndrome and partial-birth abortion.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

l lupine for lists like this

all the words compiled relating to animals,
with the stipulation that they end only in -ian or -ine. Here is such a
list. It comes from a manuscript in progress tentatively titled, "Dictionary
of Word Parts," by Michael Sheehan. These adjectives come from a larger list
of animal-related words culled from unabridged dictionaries such as OED, AHD,
WNU, along with various other wordbooks.

alligator (eusuchian); ant (formicine, myrmecine); anteater (myrmecophagine);
antelope (alcelaphine, bubaline); ape (simian); armadillo (tolypeutine); ass
(assinine); auk (alcidine); barracuda (percesocine); bat (pteropine); bear
(ursine); bee (apiarian); bird (avian, muscicapine, oscine, passerine,
penduline, volucrine); blackbird (icterine); bluebird (turdine); bobolink
(icterine); buffalo (bubaline); bullfinch (pyrrhuline); bunting (emberizine,
pyrrhuloxine); buzzard (buteonine, cathartine); calf (vituline); camel
(cameline); cardinal (pyrrhuloxine); cat (feline); chamois (rupicaprine);
civet (viverrine); cormorant (phalacrocoracine); cow (bovine, vaccine); crab
(cancrine); crane (alectorine); crow (corvine); cuckoo (cuculine); deer
(cervine, elaphine); dodo (didine); dog (canine); dolphin (delphine);
dormouse (myoxine); dove (columbine); duck (anatine, fuliguline); eagle
(aquiline); elephant (elephantine); elk (cervine); ermine (musteline); falcon
(accipitrine); ferret (musteline); finch (fringilline); fish (piscine,
piscatorial); flea (pulicine); fox (vulpine); frog (bufotenine, ranine);
gerbil (cricetine); gibbon (hylobatine); goat (hircine, caprine); goose
(anserine); gull (larine); hare (leporine); hawk (accipitrine, falconine);
hornet (vespine); horse (equine); hummingbird (trochiline); jay (garruline);
kangaroo (macropodine); kestrel (falconine); kingfisher (halcyonine); kite
(milvine); leech (hirudine); lion (leonine); lizard (lacertilian, saurian);
lobster (homarine); macaw (psittacine); magpie (garruline); marten
(musteline); martin (hirundine); meadowlark (icterine); mink (musteline);
mockingbird (mimine); mongoose (viverrine); moose (cervine); mosquito
(aedine, anopheline); moth (arctian); mouse (murine); nightingale
(philomelian); opposum (didelphine); oriole (icterine); otter (lutrine); ox
(bovine); oyster (ostracine); parakeet (psittacine); parrot (psittacine);
partridge (perdicine); peacock (pavonine); pheasant (alectorine, phasianine);
pig (porcine, suilline); pigeon (pullastrine); plover (charadrine); polecat
(musteline); porcupine (hystricine); quail (coturnine); rabbit (leporine);
raccoon (procyonine); ram (arietine); rat (murine); rattlesnake (crotaline);
raven (corvine); reptile (reptilian, serpentine); rhinoceros (ceratorhine);
robin (turdine); sable (zibeline); sea horse (hippocampine); seal (phocine);
sheep (ovine); shrew (soricine); silkworm (bombycine); skunk (mephitine);
skylark (alaudine); slug (limacine); smelt (atherine); snake (colubrine,
ophidian, reptilian, serpentine, viperine); snipe (charadrine); sparrow
(passerine); squirrel (sciurine); stag (cervine, elaphine); stoat
(musteline); stork (ciconine); sturgeon (acipenserine); swallow (hirundine);
swan (cygnine); swift (cypseline); swine (porcine); tick (acarine); tiger
(tigrine); titmouse (parine); toad (batrachian); tortoise (chelonian); turkey
(meleagrine); turtle (chelonian); vulture (vulturine); wasp (vespine); weasel
(musteline); wolf (lupine); wolverine (musteline); wombat (phascolomian)
woodcock (charadrine, scolopacine); wren (troglodytine); zebra (zebrine).

compiled by:

Mike Sheehan ak797[at]

"The limits of my language
are the limits of my world."

Friday, March 04, 2005

schrodinger's cat's corrolary

the question, it dawned on me today, is:

is the world outside of the box alive or dead to the cat?

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

steve albini said it best

brick layer cake:
"think of Nick Drake on downers fronting Black Sabbath, if Black Sabbath played only the good parts of their songs"

my god, I'm in a huge rock and roll phase all of a sudden and hot damn! it feels good.

current picks:

Brick Layer Cake
Sonic Youth
M Ward
Brick Layer Cake Again - you gotta problem with that?

And if you can't the the f*cking heat the get the f*ck up out the kitchin.