Friday, April 29, 2005

indian people are black too and other things heard on the train

this morning I called police on two women arguing on bart who, when I asked them to quiet down, started yelling at me, threatening me and, most frustratingly, saying that "what did I expect this was public transportation" (it was the last comment that made me call the train operator.

all of that was made better by two facts:
1) the guy who thanked me on the escalator for taking a stand
2) the indian (salim's kind, not mary's) ladies who recognized each other on BART. funny part about it was the one had just come from India (or Pakistan maybe) - some kind of work visa dealy for only a few months (I wasn't paying that much attention I swear).

Thursday, April 28, 2005

el espongebob y los oddpadres

okay, so I normally don't care about cable ratings, but for some reason I decided I did today and I VERY SURPRISED to learn that spongebob and the fairly odd parents control 9 of the top 15 slots for most watched shows last week. 9 of 15. does that make up for the number 1-3 slots being the NFL draft and professional wrestling? No. Unless it was all the same people watching.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

pay lanes in the times

good article in the NYTimes on toll roads, carpools and traffic congestion. I for one support toll roads, though I think excluding carpools from their fees is essential. I also think a higher gas tax would accomplish much the same, though that problem will solve itself as prices for gas tend to become more expensive than milk.

I'm quite glad the point out the OC freeways were bailed out by the gov't and imply it was profitable for the private owners to be bailed out (the OC, for the record, is moronic when it comes to economically reasoned government, they're Republicans in a way only the OC can be Republican - without any regard to the so called economics principles (those that at least in theory underly Reganomics) they all swear by)

one last thing before I get back to work

nice pic of D & S in DC back in '71 dudes:

I just want everyone to know

Mary threatened to hit me with a hot spoon today.

Now, I know that normally one would post about a threat of domestic violence but I found this particularly stoop-endlessly funny. I mean, a hot spoon? now, surely a little background might be helpful. It was a wooden spoon, which made it funnier to me. and she was still dressed for work. Well, maybe the background doesn't help much, but frankly I don't think it has to.


Mary suggested and helped prepare a giant brunch/party for me on Sunday. It was great. Great food, great friends, great conversations, great drinks, great time generally. Thanks to Mary for the idea/bulk of the work (especially those scones!) and to all my compadres who made themselves trek over to unit number 105 for the great times. Really, I was on a two day high over how great it was. The only thing I wish was different was I wish I had more time to hang with everyone - there were enough people that I felt like some folks I got hugs from but not the conversations we normally enjoy together. Anyway, what a gift. Thanks again to everyone. Even you bastards that don't read my blog.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

this guy's blog is interesting

as is his resume (link provided in blog)

here's the blog.

Long overdue post of a nice crash

biked by this last Sunday:

someone tell arshad

his blog spot has been taken:

Not only that, but by a guy who lists "religion" as his profession, lives in the deep south, posts about how all he does is fold the clothes his wife washes, and has a friend (presumably from his non-accredited religious teaching institution) that can't spell.

I quote: "who's close is she washing?"

craigslist seems to be encouraging low gas consumption cars posting "peak oil" on the car sales portion of the site.

thanks to Colin for pointing out this quite entertaining fact.

Friday, April 22, 2005

wolverines of a certain age

(To trap a wolverine, saturate a Kleenex with a certain redolent perfume, available in the Arctic in the 1950's. Wolverines find it irresistible.)

This from the NYTimes obit on James Houston. Not sure if that was just a popular scent with wolverines in the 50s or if it has some enduring quality.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005



Friday, April 15, 2005

a free hotspot near you?

this handy nytimes sponsored hotspot locator is quite neat:

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

death valley 69 without music, almost

actually, there was this great am radio show playing only music from 1943...

cousin and I went camping during the last part of the wildflower season in this bloom of a century 2005. some pics (mostly flowers, but a great one of Ashod snappin' polaroids at the racetrack):

super burrito

yes. today there was proof i eat too many burritos: the guy behind the counter said when i walked up (after the usual pleasantries) - veggie, black and pinto beans, everything, jalapenos, salsa tomatillo and extra cilantro? yes. that. exactly. damned but I do love castellito in the civic center.

they don't use herrings

walking to bart at a quick pace this morning I noticed backhoes aplenty next to the fire station at mandela and 14th - it turns out they're cutting down all the large pine trees to make way for some development - proof that people with money should be killed by poor people. these trees are the tallest in west oakland and were almost all (8 of 10 maybe) along the permiter of the property and could have been built around without much planning (if any given lot offset requirements) but, as salim says, why have polluting trees in your neighborhood?

donnie darko

man, I really love that movie.

somehow work has been busy enough that I haven't had time to play catch up with the blog, but clearly I should be doing something other than playing catch up with the blog while I'm working which means maybe my personal life has been that busy too. busier maybe.

read salim's blog this afternoon, mentioned hapax legomona (insert muppet song here), among other things, they've been one of my favorite things for a good long while now but for some reason I had forgotten about googlewacking. wasted about twenty minutes (well, maybe a bit less) coming up with:

calipygian merriment

which I've gone and blown by posting probably but you get the point.

more importantly I had a truly spectacular time camping with ashod in death valley - blew out a tire, nearly died a few times, finally made it to the racetrack, drank a lot of whiskey, saw a desert five point flower (several actually) and most importantly sang every song that ever existed about blogs. tomorrow I'll try and get around to posting a few things, including pictures as well as some details of our travels and travails.

"a splended time is pretty much assured"

plus, again, donnie darko, second time around makes it just as entertaining as the first time. then it happens again, but different.