Sunday, October 30, 2005

touched by the electromagnetic force of god

Now that's Wacko:

Texas Pastor Electrocuted During Baptism
AP Newsire
Filed at 12:42 a.m. ET

WACO, Texas (AP) -- A pastor performing a baptism was electrocuted inside his church Sunday morning after adjusting a nearby microphone while standing in water, a church employee said.

The Rev. Kyle Lake, 33, was stepping into the baptistery as he reached out for the microphone, which produced an electric shock, said University Baptist Church community pastor Ben Dudley.

Water in a baptistery usually reaches above the waist, said Byron Weathersbee, interim university chaplain at Baylor University.

Lake was pronounced dead at Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center, nursing supervisor Pat Mahl said. The woman being baptized apparently had not stepped into the water and was not seriously injured.

Pastors at University Baptist Church routinely use a microphone during baptisms, said Jamie Dudley, the wife of Ben Dudley and a business administrator at the church.

''He was grabbing the microphone so everyone could hear,'' she said. ''It's the only way you can be loud enough.''

About 800 people attended the morning service, which was larger than normal because it was homecoming weekend at nearby Baylor University, Dudley said.

Lake had been at the church for nine years, the last seven as pastor. He had a wife, Jennifer, a 5-year-old daughter and two 3-year-old sons.

At a remembrance attended by about 1,000 people Sunday night at First Baptist Church, Ben Dudley told the UBC congregation that they would move forward as a church.

''I don't know how, when, why, where or what's going to happen, but we will continue as a church in the community because that is what Kyle would have wanted,'' he said.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Lyrics Born

East Bay Represent!

Was very happy to receive a CD from Logan that featured Lyrics Born on it - like minds think greatly no? Tom rocks.

does it feel good?

yes. yes it does.

"Libby was charged with one count of obstruction of justice, two counts of perjury and two counts of making false statements"

Official A, of course, is Rove. Methinks he's going down too. More important though, is how well they cover up the AF1 conversation and any involvement Cheney had (well done on the lie about the conversation in the antechamber - yeah right admiral poindexter)

The reading is here

''People will flock to Denver to use marijuana''

ummm..,..from where? boulder?

(the quote, greg, is from Jeffrey Sweetin, of the Church of Christ, I mean Rocky Mtn Division of the DEA, in response to a likely passage of the marijuana decriminalization initiative in Denver) - aren't there like, some meth labs to bust or something?

okay - decriminalizing marijuana is probably a good thing from a public policy standpoint. but really, do you think just because you can have a bag of weed in your pocket in denver people are going to pick that craphole to live in?

I went through a period when I thought Denver was cool. But they ruined those parts of the city in the name of "development". Now it's an indistinguishable urban sprawl - it could be atlanta for all I know - and no, the front range does not make it okay - it makes it worse. You ruined it. and now, as punishment, you get swarmed by pot smokers. oh no wait, MORE pot smokers.

ah the bus

I'm sure those days when I decide to take an alternate bus route for no good reason are either hit or miss, but today was, well, a sad hit.

the best part of the muni portion of the ride (sorry salim) was that the old lady (white hair, fat, bad quilted coat thing) obviously reeked of booze (at 8am) and thought the gum she was chomping was covering it up (doubt she even noticed the awful rotten smoke smell oozing from every pore). fifteen Tenneseean conference attendees got on the bus (well, it seemed like fifteen) - reeking of cologne and perfume - the pathetic fat old booze hound made gestures like she was irritated by their smell. of all things, even the raging drunk old black men on the 6 tolerate other people's stinks. This lady was making two of her own (not to mention the wafting bad kharma all around her).

upside of the whole thing was I found a faster way to get to work on PT, albeit 1.5 dollars more expensive.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

variation on that theme

the wonkette has this t-shirt recommendation, which seems to summarize my thoughts on Miller rather nicely:
"Anonymous sources do it off the record," though we think that shirt should also say "Rove's bitch" on the back

another reason I hate NPR

Seriously, the NYTimes gets an ombudsperson with some common sense. Dvorkin, on the other hand, is a moron.

Okay, so Miller - she got lied to and then passed it on to everyone and then got busted for it and went right back and did the same thing again - with the same person even. how is that reporting? How is it sexism to be irritated by that? How is it sexism to try and curtail that sort of behavior as an editor? NPR couldn't find it's ass with a whole team of investigative reporters unless someone told them it was how they could come across as diverse to people who aren't but want to be. God it makes me wanna kill.

I normally have a warm spot in my heart for iran

but come on, just because you think you can build nukes doesn't mean you've got even one shred of an intelligent bone in your jive ass body:

"Anybody who recognizes Israel will burn in the fire of the Islamic nation's fury," Mr. Ahmadinejad said. Any Islamic leader "who recognizes the Zionist regime means he is acknowledging the surrender and defeat of the Islamic world."

I mean, aren't we a bit past this kind of BS? seriously. I think if you want the rest of the world to respect you, you might want to start by practicing what the call "restraint" when it comes to looking like a total moronic ass. Even Americans can do that. errr...sometimes.

I mean, obviously you don't pose in front of a picture that says in english "the world without zionism" if you're going for subtle, but remember, there are people in the world that really, really, really want to nuke you too, so being careful about this sort of stuff is important.

Sheesh. Do I have to run EVERY country in the world for us to all get along?

man, the world is coming to an end i guess

Salim pointed me to a found camera picture site.

This picture was a recent shot with old film. really, really great.

AAP v. Google

Okay, so there are some close ones in a lot of battles over copyright and fair use. This isn't one.
Publishers, no matter how noble they try to sound have this goal: I don't care if more people have access to my content, I want to make money on the idea that they might want it.

That's precisely why they will lose this case (though the victory for Google will likely be bittersweet given some restraints on fair use).

Google is functioning just like a library/librarian in this one. Is this bad for libraries? I don't think so, given that most of them are moralistically driven by the principle of access to information. Is it fair use? well, that's harder. Google's perspective is very compelling - We won't show you all of the book, but we'll show you some of it, and tell you where to buy it (oh and sell prioritized links on the side for click through revenue).

Publishers are 1) either stupid (because this technology will increase the number of books sold) or 2) greedy.

I opt for the latter, and the former.

Here's where their greed makes them stupid:

All the AAP can be hoping for is to get Google to buy books from them (which won't happen) or to get money from Google each time a link to their book is referenced or clicked through to. (clearly the latter would be the only option Google would consider).

Here's why that's stupid: People don't want to pay to check information out. They don't even want to go to the library and get it for free. They want it now and they want it to be free. Can't handle it? write down your assets as losses at the end of the year and start burning books just to get them off yours.

Publishers should instead ask Google for a quid pro quo - give us your digital copies of our books that are out of print so we can sell PDFs of them online. Let see - free advertising (or very, very targeted advertising for a reasonable rate), no expenses up front (all these publishers have mechanisms in place for selling electronic content or will very, very soon), and a vastly expanded audience of potential customers.

This is the only solution that's efficient and mutually beneficial. As an economist I love it. Anything else is either a) shortsighted b) manipulative or c) both a and b.
I pick c.

Now, Google does risk losing on the fair use issue. Copyright law has generally favored copyright holders (thank you sonny bono, maybe that's why god killed you) but judges are generally pretty academic about academics (Kinko's notwithstanding). But, in fact, the Kinkos situation is a wise decision for Google's fair use position - Google isn't claiming that all their doing is copying a whole article out of a book - they're likely not to provide more than a few lines, or possibly a page of the material (this is what we call context in the reading world) - enough to ensure the word "breast" is actually in an article about mamograms not a danielle steel book.

Fair use should be construed in the context of legal precedent in a research setting, because that's what Google is providing - a research tool. If the court decides the content owner's perspective is correct (that Google is stealing their content to make money off an ancilary service) Google is screwed. If, however the researcher's perspective is taken, Google will win.

I personally recommend finding a good research librarian as a witness.

walmart has socialized medicine

See! sort of:

46 percent of the children of Wal-Mart's 1.33 million United States employees were uninsured or on Medicaid.

The solution to socialized medicine is this: pay your employees so little they qualify for free insurance from the government!!! AWESOME!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

puding pops got nothing on this brah

Liz Hickok's totally awesome Jello San Francisco Prints (thanks Slim!)

the colbert report

which is pronounced ra-PORE (man, they are funny)

had this little snippit quoted in the nytimes:

"Every global pandemic has a silver lining. - Remember, the Medici made their money investing in the bubonic plague. A lot of people did. Until the boil burst."

Monday, October 24, 2005

smells like midnight spirit

okay, kay baily's got a little history problem right forgetting kenneth "midnight" starr, then there's that whole "definition of a crime" issue - "like, when I lie under oath that's a crime? - I'm pretty sure you're wrong on that."

the quote I like so much:

"I certainly hope that if there is going to be an indictment ... it is an indictment on a crime and not some perjury technicality..."

Sunday, October 23, 2005

bolsinga's move

Bolsinga's new place is awesome! The move went great too, ah to have not too much crap. Something I'll have to consider in the future. Great company for the move too, only Salim and Jeff were missing (both owing to work obligations). And Indian pizza was ordered for all!!!

The hightlight was this great snap from the patio:

Saturday, October 22, 2005


so, it's been a long time for me...(not including last night) but damn, I really like that band. Those guys. In particular I forgot how much I really like Herdon's drumming. Plus he has the coolest background screen in the world. It's been so long I hadn't realized that Jeff's got a 4 year old and that Hollis is 2. I mean, that's a long time outta the loop. Also great to see was Elliot, unexpectedly but awesomely. Wish there was more time during the day to hang out and catch up...some bands are better about getting out and doing stuff whilst on time maybe.

bumbles bounce

mary woke up this morning and said "bumbles bounce" - a refrence, I believe, to going to Bolsinga's to help him move into his new place this morning.

Friday, October 21, 2005

open office

well, I'm all for it. I downloaded 2.0 to the laptop and am giving i a go...bolsinga swore up and down 1.1 was not ready for prime time, I've got my fingerses crossed.

ps - tortoise and lanois were good last night.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

words of wisdom (pt. II)

a doorman at the warfield told me this 1970s vintage words of wisdom last night:
(said to a girl who won't make out in car)
if you ain't here after
what I'm here after
you're gonna be here after I'm gone.

man. that's to the point I guess.

words of wisdom

bolsinga, hearing both salim and i were not 100% after separate whisk(e)y encounters last night, said that we were joined at the liver.

calexic and iron and wine

all three of them. last night at the warfield. first show I've seen from the stage there, good.
good to see jelle for a bit, and paul. those guys are really nice. all of them. shoulda slept longer today though...

also, found a great bar last night - the hotel biron. on rose off market. next to zuni. very cool great barkeep, chris, with great taste in music, and randomly met a friend of cousin ashod's from the freshyo. heather by name.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

whilst wasting late afternoon minutes

(I mean, it was after 5 on the east coast no?)
A memorable moment was rediscovered, recorded

some nice search highlights

Dress is ‘cowboy casual’
the 4-H advisors for the Marvelous Marmadukes 4-H Club
and (this one I really like)
The Southwestern Ohio Rabbit Breeders Association (SORBA)

anniversaries of note

the birth of auguste lumiere (from salim: "share the darkness")
the crash of the ol'87
which may have been precipitated by:
Bernie Goetz 6mos on gun charges.
or maybe not.
so, for me 87 was a great year. 8th grade was cool. so was freshman year in HS. I was listening to GREAT MUSIC (which was hard to do in the 80s), was newly discovering the joys of succesful girlzhangingoutitude, and coming into my own politically and socioeconomically (like, I had a job dude, and could (and did) tell the man to stick it).

on that last note:
Wherever Mrs. whatshername is - the studyhall teacher whose husband was the FFA director at the highschool - she can go to hell. still.

ruminations on a perfect evening

some smokey whiskey,
the hot tub in the back yard,
slept by the fireplace.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

there is still hope

there as a time when great americans stood up and said fuck you:
Paul Robeson

If you wondered why I think the IOC is pathetic too

Look no further:

IOC Head Wants Italy's Drug Laws Suspended
Published: October 18, 2005
Filed at 5:44 p.m. ET

ROME (AP) -- Italy's drug laws are so tough that the head of the IOC and the president of the World Anti-Doping Agency are calling for a moratorium during the Turin Winter Games.

IOC president Jacques Rogge and WADA president Dick Pound are backing a proposal that the laws be suspended during the Feb. 10-26 Games.

Italy is one of the few countries that imposes criminal sanctions for doping offenses, on top of the normal sporting sanctions. Under International Olympic Committee rules, athletes face disqualification for a doping offense -- but no criminal penalties.

''The Olympic rules and the WADA code never contemplated having doped athletes locked up,'' Pound told The Globe and Mail of Toronto last week. ''Just get them out of sport.''

IOC member Mario Pescante, the Italian government's supervisor for the Turin Games, is expected to submit a proposal to Italy's Senate on Wednesday calling for the moratorium.

''You think American professional hockey players, paid in the millions, will risk being put in handcuffs to come play in Turin? Come on, let's be realistic,'' Pescante said in an interview with the Turin newspaper La Stampa.

But Italian legislators are reluctant to make any change. Deputy Premier and Foreign Minister Gianfranco Fini said Tuesday he is against suspending the law.

''I believe that one of the principles of sports is fairness. An athlete who uses banned substances comes under this principle, and therefore I would not support measures to render our legislation -- which is one of the most just and severe in the world -- weaker for people who use (banned) substances.''

Turin is home to one of Italy's top anti-doping prosecutors, Raffaele Guariniello. And Italy has been a pioneer in the fight against doping.

Back in 1991, soccer legend Diego Maradona was suspended from the country's top league for 15 months after testing positive for cocaine. In 1999, Italian bicycling star Marco Pantani was kicked out of the Giro d'Italia while wearing the leader's pink jersey after failing a random blood test.

In 2000, law number 376 was passed, calling for criminal penalties for doping.

Athletes caught using banned substances risk prison sentences ranging from three months to three years. The same goes for those who supply or administer the banned substances. The sentence can be even harsher if the substance poses a risk to the athlete's health, or if a minor is involved.

More than 10,000 drug tests are performed annually in Italian sports leagues, all under the guidance of the Italian Olympic Committee. Earlier this month, Health Minister Francesco Storace came out against a moratorium during the Turin Games.

''The thought of rewarding sports champions by de-penalizing the use of drugs at the Turin Olympics is unthinkable,'' Storace said. ''I suggest to my friend Pescante to avoid insisting on messages that are seriously non-educative to our youth.''

Pescante expressed frustration at the continuing impasse.

''I expected a strong reaction to my proposal, but now I'm being treated as a lobbyist for dopers,'' Pescante said Tuesday. ''The IOC is only asking that we respect the rules. I spoke for an hour with Rogge, and he is very worried.

''The IOC is convinced that sporting sanctions are enough in the fight against doping.''

Pescante, who is also the government's undersecretary for sports, said he has spoken to the presidents of international winter sports federations and that they, too, expect the law to be lifted for the Olympics.

''They expect Italy will respect the duties it took on when it was assigned the games,'' he said.

a history of pathetic shit

The US olympic committee kicked out the two sprinters (Smith and John Carlos) who raised their black fists in 68. I had no idea. The "on this day in history" piece in the nytimes made me embarassed for the USOC. I wonder if they ever apologized for their terrible behavior.
I will admit to having lost any faith in the olympics lately, this sad bit of history only makes it worse. At least we are allowed to openly mock Hitler's refusal to acknowledge black champions. This one, closer to home, seems to have just slipped right on by.

A quote that I find particularly offensive (note in particular the attempt to intimidate/threaten other black atheletes by the USOC):

"The untypical exhibitionism of these athletes also violates the basic standards of good manners and sportsmanship, which are so highly valued in the United States, and therefore the two men involved are suspended forthwith from the team and ordered to remove themselves from the Olympic Village.

"This action is taken in the belief that such immature behavior is an isolated incident. However, if further investigation or subsequent events do not bear out this view, the entire matter will be re-evaluated. A repetition of such incidents by other members of the United States team can only be considered a willful disregard of Olympic principles that would warrant the imposition of the severest penalties at the disposal of the United States Olympic Committee."

This statement was read by Roby to Evans, James and Freeman before they took the mark in the 400. Evans and Freeman had been identified with Smith and Carlos as black power advocates.

here's a link to "this day in sports"

If you wondered, Roby would be the racist white guy from the suburbs of detroit, a swimmer, that great, integrated sport.

Monday, October 17, 2005

bar stool sample

today, on impluse, we bought pseudo-phancee italian bar stools.

They're quite fancy.

secret concern: mary has discovered she likes modern furniture.

uh oh.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

special place in hell

you already knew you sucked for buying "rockstar" - but now you're going to fucking hell too:

ENERGY CRISIS The owner of a Portland, Ore., grocery chain has removed Rockstar energy drinks from the shelves. The founder of Rockstar, Russell Goldencloud Weiner, is the son of Michael Savage, the perpetually enraged talk radio host.

Brian Rohter, owner of New Seasons Market, told The Portland Oregonian that Mr. Savage did "his best to take apart the fabric of our society and to attack American values."

In 2003, MSNBC fired Mr. Savage after he told a caller he assumed was gay to "get AIDS and die." He continues to employ a similar tone on his syndicated radio show.

On, Mr. Weiner talks about his father's experience as an "herbalist" and claims his caffeine-loaded beverage is "the perfect balance of vitamins and herbs." Major ingredients are high-fructose corn syrup and glucose.

Friday, October 14, 2005

dude, it's like hip in camp 420 an shit

sort of. i mean. maybe this is what happened with all that high i smoked in pot school.
okay seriously, i think most studies are BS because they're isolating individual events out of very complicated processes, but it's at least funny that this one in particular is so contrary (on the surface) to the perception of THC consumption.
funnier though, is that I have less tollerance for potheads now than ever in my life before now. Seriously. I contemplated telling a parolee to stay away from their friends who use drugs (like, what was I thinking?).

bskyb on pinter

"A Sky News presenter announced at 12:01 p.m. that Harold Pinter had died," the paper said, "before correcting herself, after a Pinteresque pause, and saying that he had in fact won a Nobel Prize."

pete wilson got all j-capped and shit

so, I ride the bus some days. for those of you that don't know, the golden gate transit buses are not like most public buses - they have reclining seats and reading lights etc - pretty nice. but still public transportation, with the occassional beligerant passenger, delays etc.

The thing I like most about the bus is kinda strange - the bus occassionally has recently parolled san quentin prisioners going (almost entirely) to "frisco". (the fact that even people from the bay area call it frisco leads me to think that it's only rich white people that don't like it to be called frisco, but that's another story).

I like that these guys are all dressed in their "just got out of prison" uniform (off white sweat pants and sweat shirts) and are counting their money patiently and a bit secretly. I like that they're sort of in awe. some of them look at everything, some of them look at nothing, some of them look at everything but san quentin itself when we drive by.

Their social skills are a weird mix of totally wrong and earnestly striving for perfection. Today after yelling - almost belligerantly - at the bus driver to hold the bus while he got his money one parolee offered his seat to a "senorita" (senora he was corrected, not offensively), taking a cue from him, several others did as well.

I really enjoy that something that's incredibly mundane for me (riding that same damned bus to my same damned job) is so totally different for some others (riding away from somewhere they've been for months or years with no freedom to a place that means freedom for a whole host of reasons). Same bus, different ride. I think about this pretty regularly when these guys are on the bus.

Today I spoke with some of them for the first time (beyond simple questions about the time and where such a stop was etc). It was interesting. We talked about drugs you get in prison, dead men walking, respect, violence, writing books, intimidating witnesses, family, gangs, the different blocks, what riots are like, the problem with the three strikes rule (it was interesting to see someone who was in jail for a very good reason talking about how someone who really shouldn't be in jail was gonna be there for a long time), etc. etc. etc.

I encourraged the younger kid to write about it, because he suggested he wanted to, but then dismissed the idea as stupid...he wasn't very bright, but mostly he wasn't very sure of himself. he quit being in the gang in prison, they move you to the block that's for PC (protective custody) because the other bangers will kill you (old friends and old enemies both). He didn't even know how to take the bus particuarly well (he seemed very scared that at the bus station he'd have to decide to take a bus or a train to stockton - like he would be incapable of making that kind of decision). It made me wonder what he had been prepared for at all in prison. It seemed pretty obvious that for some people prison is a place you go because you got caught doing what you do - they're gonna keep on doing it too. For others, the experience might have tought them something, but all it did was teach them what they did was wrong, not here's how to avoid doing the exact same thing again. it did not give me much hope.

I could probably write about this hour long busride for two hours, the point is that it was good. much better than the busride yesterday when the cute girl from richmond (VA, not CA) said to the not so cute guy from richmond (CA, not VA) that richmond was small enough to drive around in ("you don't need to take a bus because it's small enough to drive everywhere"). I wanted to kick her off the bus. instead I told her to be sure and take the ferry back from sausalito. Best part of that experience was the guy described richmond as the matrix ("they just stopped building it") and he kept talking to himself "I should have gotten of the bus with her" after she got off at the bridge.

Anyway, buses are important.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

my new favorite justice

this from somewhere:

Breyer has a suggestion for those looking to save gas _ pull out your bicycle

In the past Breyer has pedaled across town to the court for work. Sporting a hurt foot from a recent ride, Breyer said in an interview with the AP last week that biking is still the way to go.

"The advantages? Exercise, no parking problems, gas prices, it's fun," he said. "An automobile is expensive. You have to find a place to park and it's not fun. So why not ride a bicycle? I recommend it."

and this from beethoven

"And why didn't they encore the Fugue? That alone should have been repeated! Cattle! Asses!"

at least purportedly.

john peel

this from harmesh, who made me like john peel even more than i did already:

13th October 2005

Today is the very first John Peel Day - a celebration of the man's amazing life.
He wasn't just a great broadcaster - he was a great man.

As some of you may know, he had a profound influence on my life. Those of you who met him will understand why.

Please take a couple of minutes to remember him with me. He is missed immensely:

Happy John Peel Day.

bill murray

so, brad passed on this bit of wisdom - apparently the idea (from el grande pelo blanco jarmusch) is to replace the word "dude" with the word "bill murray". i think this is awesome. of course, it doesn't quite scan in my hay dude theory but I'm working on it nonetheless...

and through the wire

for those of you familiar with my favorite lost bird flyer - this AP wire story is pretty much my cup of tea:

TORRANCE, Calif. (AP) -- A man found operating on a pigeon that he sedated with vodka was later arrested after animal control officers raided his house and discovered about 300 living and dead birds inside.

''There's droppings everywhere,'' Patrick Wren, the head of Torrance's animal control department, said Wednesday. ''I'm wearing a mask. That says it all.''

About 120 dead pigeons filled bags and boxes alongside Gerard Redmond Enright Jr.'s home, officials said. Other birds in pet carriers throughout the house were euthanized because they were sick or malnourished, Wren said.

County health officials declared the home unfit for humans.

Enright, 61, who was arrested for investigation of animal abuse, denied mistreating the birds. He said he had devoted his life to saving them.

''I'm literally in shock,'' said Enright, who often walks with his pigeon, Twister, to a local Starbucks.

Police said animal control officers went to Enright's home in a Los Angeles suburb after getting complaints from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

Enright acknowledged operating to remove a large tumor from the bird, saying he watched his own veterinarian perform such a procedure. He said he gave the bird a shot of vodka before operating.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

so is it tricky dick all over again

here's my question:

did judith go down and stay down because scooter released her from confidentiality for his involvement but not his boss' involvement?

there's a lot of speculation, but it seems to me that miller was probably covering her own ass knowing she'd get wacked if she said the wrong thing (or at least never work in this town again).

scooter will take the fall, but we might get someone more tricky in the process.

finally, I suspect they'll beat the rap, but the indictment will be damning for sure.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

new york

dominique's wedding was great - gotta love a hatian wedding. wow. so much fun.
wedding was in flatbush, reception at the other end of bedford. cause for rumination on the history of hiphop. great coversations with brad friday and marina saturday. meiling and sergio for breakfast today.

also great conversation with a cabbie on the history of egyptian politics (he would have voted for musharaff because the other guys were even worse) spoke of sadatt's assassination. very interesting.

also noted today is the anniversay of the death of che guevarra. finger's crossed for another good cab ride.

this afternoon we'll hang with anya and jonah before heading to the airport...again not enough time.

best part of the whole trip though was brad giving me a CD of Brecht librettos translated into english. wow. really, really incredible. I'll print details when I figure them out.

Friday, October 07, 2005

los angeles redux

down here for the commission meeting...

here's what I did instead of work (okay, okay, in addition to work):

1) took my coworkers to senor fish.
2) went to the california club for dinner.
(I keep typing sinner instead of dinner - i think it's probably kharma)
3) went to the hollywood bowl for the sigur ros show (and saw Jelle)
4) went to spaceland to see irving and the fruit bats (and cousin and erin and gina)
5) broke into a movie theater to watch a 35mil print of river's edge (and see ben and jules)
6) went swimming under a waterfall in a river in los angeles (man, I know that sounds gross but it wasn't - it's the most fun I've had outside in LA ever)
7) saw jule's show at the black dragon society
8) had dinner with cousin, erin, tim, gina, and ben
9) got a totally bitchin' picture mounted on epoxyed wood from cousin and my trip to the racetrack. (best present I've received in a long, long time)
10) went to new york (well, I'm heading out the door right now).

I forgot to mention something that was said before by someone else:
the time I had was captial F ucking capital A wesome.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

this is better than work

a riderless motorcycle that goes under water

ummm,.,,you didn't want it to come back out did you?

Monday, October 03, 2005


awesome time in chicago. chris and rebecca got married, we saw the paganos, sheila, tom (and kate for a minute), billy, joe and laura (who crammed a day's worth of hosting into 2 wonderful hours), tresa and avi (and ella and langston)(best breakfast coffees ever), joel nickson (twice!), scot suns, marina, and richie (by very pleasant accident). damnit for there not being more hours in the day, maybe next time we'll take a full week and do it right...

really pretty grand though, all things considered, but my it's a large enough city that getting places is hard. we stayed downtown, way north (just south of devon ave) and in hyde park, and in so doing we kept the entire cab industry afloat in chicago for a few I'm rather fond of saying "it's cheaper than a DUI"