Thursday, December 29, 2005

the lamest editorial ever

okay, aren't you, like, supposed to have a real opinion or something?

here are some highlights:

We have industrial parks in Windber, Jenner Township, Meyersdale, and Somerset that have space for new tenants. In Somerset Township, a new sewerage system will open opportunities along Route 31 West towards Bakersville.

Our county is a transportation hub between Washington, D.C. and Pittsburgh as well as points east and west with the turnpike interchange.

It's clear we have the labor force, the highways and property for new businesses.

We challenge our local government and economic leaders to create new ways to entice businesses to Somerset County.

Our goal should be to have a better unemployment rate than the state average.

and because greg will care, here's the original site.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

We Shall Join Forces Against Evil

so, what's the plan again with Pakistan? Oh wait! They're on OUR side? I'm confused. Nutso militant muslim killing their daughters because their step daughters are alleged to have committed adultery - that's our side? I'm moving to Utah.

Some great quotes:

"Ahmed showed no contrition. Appearing disheveled but composed, he said he killed Muqadas because she had committed adultery, and his daughters because he didn't want them to do the same when they grew up."

Keep in mind those girls were 8, 7, and 4

''I told the police that I am an honorable father and I slaughtered my dishonored daughter and the three other girls,'' he said. ''I wish that I get a chance to eliminate the boy she ran away with and set his home on fire.''

I propose a reasonable solution: Ban Pakistan from Cricket, they've no place in a sport of gentlemen.

how will we know when to make the donuts anymore?

Yep, the donut man, Michael Vale, died at 83. Now, I'm guessing, but I'm guessing Vale probably made over a couple million on those "time to make the donuts" spots. Vale joins the ranks of the where's the beef Wendy's lady and the Verizon and Sprint guys in the pantheon of advertizing gazillionaire actors. In Vale's defense, he did so without being totally irritating.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

the strong urge to run


as in middle east.

and hoboken.

yes, the volcano scums are back! and playing with the yo las.

urges I had in order:
1) fly to hoboken
2) fly to boston
3) email bob
4) mail bob a hat for him to deliver to james from upper playground
5) email salim the link

oh, oh, the sausage king

dead. at only 44. damn. of course, he was on death row for killing three USDA meat inspectors.

I remember this headline from the first time around and I'm happy to see the AP has continued to champion what might be the most perfect news headline ever:

Sausage Factory Shooting

chronic(what?)cles of narnia

okay, this is funny.

features such great lines as "dropping hamiltons like aaron burr" and "double true" written in the google font whilst giving mad props to google maps.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

so many subjects so little time

what to blog about? hmm...patriot act's 5 week extension? the 271Mil judgement against wal-mart? no, I think:


Listen, inciting people to protest so you can arrest them by faking your own arrest is pretty much the same as sending youself to hell. You clinched it. On top of being totally lame and evil, you're jackasses too. No wonder you ram brooms up people's asses and shoot unarmed people in their homes - the guilt is killing you.

I had a hunch that national socialism would gain ground in NYC, I just didn't think it would under the bloomberg administration...nice try blaming Rudy for that one, bastard.

Oh, and Bolsinga will have to add the link, I've gotta run.

appa's: the best sabudanyachi khichadi in all of pune, and perhaps the world

for some reason, this caption from adheesh's website made me wanna blog.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

reminds me of when i was where i was

ben ratclife has a great article in the nytimes on coltrane and monk shows in the 50s and 60s. In particular, something he wrote reminded me of my time in chicago in the 90s, better than most things I've read of the time and the place (aside from some great conversations with brad and marina on the locus of creativity in a global city sort of context).

"the Monk-Coltrane Quartet of 1957 and the Coltrane Quartet of 1965, had places in New York to take root. Monk and Coltrane played as many as 75 nights within a five-month stretch at the Five Spot Cafe in the East Village. The Coltrane Quartet played 14 weeks at the Half Note in the span of a year, from spring 1964 to spring 1965. Fourteen. It was a different time in many ways: it seems that anytime I meet someone who saw either of those bands at those clubs, they won't say that they went once, as if to cross it off a list; they went twice or three times a week, as part of their lives. "

the line that matters is the "they went twice or three times a week, as part of their lives"

that was it. be it the beat kitchen for isotope shows or seeing every damned tortoise show, or new horizons ensemble show, I could make it to. a part of my life.

gotta be the time and the place. I feel so lucky to have been there then.

way better than I feel being here, in bed, next to mary's damned pager going off right now.

good, but could be improved on

This story would have been much better if someone had mowed the whole lot down with a machine gun.

Of course, even santa needs to pee.

speaking of killing like a rabit

Medic, always the charmer, seems to have not lost his way with words. After telling the judge that had he known a soldier was videotaping a group execution, he would have "killed him like a rabit". He followed that up with this pearl of wisdom:

``I think I did everything the best I could, considering the circumstances,'' Medic said. ``The footage is now in the center of attention but back then it was irrelevant. Now it can cost me my freedom.''

All that vitriol and brains too! Well, there goes his other Slobodan apeing "insanity" plea.

new found respect for,,,welll,,,,nevermind

Sunday, December 18, 2005

michigan girls

mary and i are in michigan for the weekend, visiting her family. it is, for the record, cold.

there were some 45 people over for dinner last night, I'm pretty sure mary's fennel asparagus risotto was the best dish...but i might not be the most objective person in the room.

today we're off to visit her father at his place - I'm looking forward to checking it out, he's almost done building the "great room" (which is where we'll have the dinner next year) - I'll take pics and post them later, his house is awesome.

Friday, December 16, 2005

I'm pretty sure there wouldn't be an internet

if country's could censor web content like Kazakstan is censoring Sacha's. Mr. Ali G's sarcasm remains legitimate and, really, really funny. I'm sorry your country can't take a joke, Mr. Kazak. If we stopped websites like that in the US, there wouldn't be an internet.

Of course with net neutrality being threatened, maybe there will be none soon anyway.

some good quotes from the Ali G experience:

Cohen's Borat Sagdiyev has upset the Kazakhstan government with comedic statements suggesting that Kazakhs make wine out of fermented horse urine, shoot dogs for fun and consider incest and rape popular hobbies.

''We do not rule out that Mr. Cohen is serving someone's political order designed to present Kazakhstan and its people in a derogatory way,'' Ministry spokesman Yerzhan Ashykbayev said.

In a statement posted on the now-blocked Borat Web site, Cohen, who is Jewish, said: ''I like to state, I have no connection with Mr. Cohen and fully support my government's position to sue this Jew.''

''Since the 2003 ... reforms Kazakhstan is as civilized as any other country in the world,'' he said in his video address using the blue Kazakh national flag as a backdrop. ''Women can now travel on inside of bus, homosexuals no longer have to wear blue hat and age of consent has been raised to eight years old.''

Thursday, December 15, 2005

best headline I've seen in a while

Four Vikings Charged in Boat Scandal

do you miss some concert pics?

I did forget serveral times to post pics from some recent chicago based shows (all in SF mind you). So now I present to you: rock and roll.

Shellac of North America:

Le Tortoise:

The Iron, the Wine, The Calexico (on stage at once):

I will also, soon, add some great pics from the recent Califone show, not the Califone and iron and wine and calexico shows, which I missed, nor the red and and the red and the meat and the iron and the wine and the calexico show that happened in Chicago this week either.

in fact, here are some are being:

not quite rock and roll, but still rockin':

Monday, December 12, 2005

peace doesn't sell papers

...apparently neither does the nobel peace prize. How come I only learned via an unrelated article (one about war I might add) that El-Baradei was awarded the peace prize this weekend? Now that I remember he was awarded it, it seems that Pinter stole the press coverage. Hmmm.


I've always stated that I find australia to be a pathetic country, filled with close-minded pig headed racist buggers. Now, thankfully, they've gone and proven me 100% correct.

Let's here it for the sheep buggers! Frankly, I sincerely hope everyone not originally from a penal colony leaves your waste of a country, as I'm sure do you. Of course, you're not well educated enough to understand what that would do to your economy, but that's your problem. Go on, beat the crap out of arab looking delivery men, that'll solve your country's problems with inbreeding and bestiality.

Sunday, December 11, 2005


"love apples" is what Claire called them the other day.

interestingly, I found a link to a page (on accident) that lists how pomegranate is said in 12 languages.

Fans of the virji clan of course know a 13th.

richard pryor

Damn. Richard Pryor died yesterday at 65 years old. This bums me out. Pryor has always been one of my favorite commedians. Any that's been around me in a non-work context knows how fond I am of the sketch "acid" on his bicentennial nigger album. "Some white dude gave me this shit and said it was gonna make me trip - man I ain't going nowhere without my luggage" which rapidly evolves into a quote from 2001: A Space Odyssey. It's a great skit, funny and contemporary (for 1976) at the same time it's timeless. And of course edgy.

I guess the pod bay doors have finally closed.

Friday, December 09, 2005

finally we understand why they've been telling us torture isn't effective

Because they knew it was why we started the war in Iraq!

"American officials had not previously acknowledged either that Mr. Libi made the false statements in foreign custody or that Mr. Libi contended that his statements had been coerced."

This also explains the awkward tiptoeing around the case of the Candadian who was rendited (rendered?) to Egypt around the same time.

I'm rather amazed there hasn't been more of an uproar on this, I supose it will take some time.

Thank goodness for H. Pinter's deathbed lambast as well.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

generally I am an opponant of the death penalty...

...but reading a description of how Haleigh Poutre was treated by her adoptive parents makes me believe they should be killed. I cannot find a part of me that tolerates the life of people like that. It may exist somewhere but it's nowhere accessible at the moment. She was 11 years old.

Some of descriptions of the abuse from the nytimes:

Mr. Strickland's criminal case further complicates things. He is charged with assault and battery, accused of striking Haleigh once with an open hand and once with a plastic toy, and of not stopping Ms. Strickland when she committed more serious assaults, like hitting Haleigh with a baseball bat and kicking her existing bruises.
A baby sitter and friend of the Stricklands, Alicia Weiss, testified at a pretrial hearing in Mr. Strickland's case that Haleigh frequently hoarded food, behavior that enraged her parents and caused them to hit her.

Ms. Weiss ... testified that last summer she saw Ms. Strickland kick Haleigh down the cellar stairs three times in a row.

"Holli had told me that Haleigh's behavior was so bad that this was the means of discipline," said Ms. Weiss, who did not report such incidents at the time.

Rebecca Blanchard, a nurse at Baystate Medical Center, testified that when Haleigh came in with the brain injury, Ms. Strickland told a story that was medically impossible, saying that Haleigh had been speaking that morning, and that the Stricklands said they believed Haleigh was suffering from "flulike symptoms."

Ms. Blanchard said, "They made no mention of the cut in the back of the head, the burns on her chest, the broken teeth."

not with a whisper but a bang

Bolsinga pointed to some pointing to some anti-graf-ad-graf in the mission, on zeitgeist in particular. Best part for me is the "I'd sooner be riding a Brompton" part though...

THAT's gotta have the execs at Sony scratching their heads.

Tarik and others have been musing on if a fixie brompton could be created on the fixie list this week...(the answer is likely no)

The exact quote:

I'll ride a Brompton bicycle or I'll teabag and mime before I'll give the Sony Corp. another fucking dime"

Followed by the slag "FU tats cru" with tats and cru crossed out and the word "fony" in the playstation screen.

Very funny.

visiting the old man

''Grandpa doesn't remember these things,'' she said. ''He gets confused with the judges questioning him. He thinks they are just people coming to visit him.''

This of Pinochet. Isn't that a good thing? Instead of the bastard lying maybe he'll just be honest and tell the truth. Who knows, we might get an indictment for Kissinger out of all of this.

More than the lack of justice in this regard, I fear that his family, in an attempt (absurd I might add), to preserve his legacy will destroy records that might otherwise provide some documentation of what happened. His legacy cannot be salvaged, shouldn't then, we be entitled to the truth they have tried to hide from the world?

Mister Fritz from Eindhoven

Fritz Philips, first scion and real shaper of the Philips corporation died at 100 today. I've always liked this company, especially when they used to use their own higher quality semiconductors and integrated circuits in their many innovative electronics products. (I've the remanants of a touch sensing pre-amp I've been hoping to use for a while now - no need for switches or knobs...very cool, not to mention the incredible projector the DP70, the Todd AO - really the film projector by which all others are compared, century be damned)

It turns out he was a real idealist too, serving time under the Nazis for not breaking a worker's strike and was a recipient of an award from Yad Vashem for his work helping jews during the holocaust.

All this from his relatively unlikely origins as the son of a light bulb factory owner.

when spammers get desparate


Krest Toothpaste Customer #495-A367 for a subject line?

This should be the moment you realize you've got a drug problem dude. That shit is never going to work. Put the pipe down.

Monday, December 05, 2005

strangely shaped ovals on the soles of shoes

salim's got a nice post on perapatetic solutions to MUNI's moronacity.

Noteworthy for our shared frustration at being able to walk from civic center to Slim's place without catching a ride on PT. I've done this at least 5 times. Sadly, it's about half of the times I have made this walk. I suspect that, had I opted to not foolishly wait at the corner of haight and market for a bus, the number would be higher.

Also worthy of mention, the freewheeling moron in the way of traffic. These jackasauruses are driving me crazy. Learn how to ride a bike before claiming membership in the club you jerk. As for the pedestrian/biker bond - I've never seen one. As a messenger they were always the worst danger on the road - jay walking, crossing against the light, not looking for or expecting someone silently whizzing by with the right of way close the curb. I'm not saying they don't share problems with cars, I just don't think it's right to assume shared interest.

who's gonna tell slim and bolsinga?

"What has really happened with nerd culture these days is that the number of programmers who are serious bikers is much, much higher. It's part of the social network."

this from an nytimes piece on bay area cycling in the tech industries.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

intern! Intern!

now that I have had interns (not THAT way!) I find this rather awesome Rem Koolhaas mocunews bit very, very enjoyable. Okay, really the interns have nothing to do with it.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

god player poker

Funny nytimes piece on Cassius Marcellus Coolidge, the commercial artist who painted the famous dogs playing poker paintings. It seems with the advent of poker nutsos his paintings are suddenly worth tonnes of cabbage. A diptych of his just sold for shy of 600K.

Sorry the link generator for nytimes wouldn't work.

shame on the morons

I have rather happily just used google books or whatever their indexing service is called. It's awesome. How did it come up that I used it? Mary asked me how a fractal is made, and I could only answer it's a simple repitition of patterns. Yes, but,... On a quest I discovered a few great sites for younger learners of fractality...and then I discovered Google's book search. It rather expertly pointed to a book by none other than Herr Mandelbrot (probably spelled wrong). That book in turn quotes Tom Stoppard's play Arcadia and an interview with the composer Ligeti.
Oh the Intellectual Property Implications!
Nonetheless a great read, I never made it past three pages, all of which were marked copyrighted material. Each page had a discrete link to several places where I might buy the copyrighted work.

I cannot think of a better way to go about using the internet. And I might buy the book. So there you moronic publishers. get a grip and stop being so pig headed.

here's a screenshot: