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Friday, March 31, 2006

seu jorge's got nuthin' on this

dude. here's my idea - instead of bowie, we'll to elton john, and instead of portugese, we'll do it in, well, I guess chinese (okay, I have no clue)
how bout dem apples?

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

sliced bread, one upped

This rocks. (requires google earth)

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

moussaoui's big lie

I know it's newsworthy, but isn't it a bit bougus when someone that can't keep their story straight suddenly claims to be part of a huge and complicated conspiracy that no one's ever heard of before?

Look, Zach's claim that he and Shoe Bomber Reid were going to crash a plane into the Chez Bush just reeks of bogosity. First of all, he picked a moron as his co-conspirator, second of all, he came up three conspirators short of a full deck. Thirdly, he's trying to get everyone all riled up, not avoid a death sentence.

What I see as pretty lame is that the prosecutors are aware of the problems with what he's claiming but want him dead so bad that they're willing to pretend there's no exculpatory evidence. What's interesting is that the evidence in question wouldn't be exculpatory for their claims, but would be for his false claims about his own involvement.

I think it's pretty sad that this is even an issue.

Monday, March 27, 2006

bolsinga's been dying for this update

yes, that's right: the fake cop from the village people got busted again (or should I say picked up after skipping on bail again):

(03-27) 13:22 PST SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO -- South San Francisco police have arrested Victor Willis, the original policeman from the Village People disco group, who has been wanted for months in connection with possessing cocaine, a probation violation and other charges.

Authorities said today that Willis had been arrested after the car in which he and a woman were driving was stopped Sunday by Officer Ivan Delacruz on the 700 block of Airport Boulevard. Neither Willis nor the woman had proper identification, and both had cocaine and drug paraphernalia, police said.

The man didn't give his name, but was later identified as Willis through fingerprints, police said.

Willis co-wrote such hits as "YMCA" and "In the Navy" in the 1970s. He entered a plea bargain on the cocaine-possession and other charges in early September that would have resulted in a prison term of no more than 16 months, but he never showed up for sentencing and has been wanted ever since.

Willis' case has received national attention from the television show "America's Most Wanted," which did a story on him.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

woe, the lowly guinea worm

This has to be fake. Yes, an organization dedicated to preserving the lowly guinea worm by finding hosts willing to be infected. totally awesome or totally nutso? both. neither.

gotta be a fake.

Friday, March 24, 2006

a weak of strong coffee

errr....a week of strong coffee.

first stumptown in pdx, now blue bottle in sfo.

I must say: little beats perfect coffee.

Having tried unsuccessfully to find blue bottle after many of salim's fine posts on their quality brew, Bolsinga pointed me in the right direction today after lunch. not only were they playing mission of burma influenced alt rockers from bloomington arson garden, but they were making incredible coffee at the exact same time!!!

I little slice of creme from the gods on an off the beaten' alley.

This deliciousness topped even the perfect roast at stumptown coupled with a nice vanilla bicycle parked out front.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

long time, we not have no nice time

really, it's not that i don't love you anymore. i've just been absurdly busy. absurdly. busy.

and as punishment for having a great time in PDX last weekend, after being in DC earlier in the week, followed by San Jose and even Mountain View for a brief period of time. it was beautiful there. sunny, and oceany, and rivery. kharmically I got whomped with some bug, after a trip to Sacto to boot. And so I am so so sick. and not just of working.

many things are noteworthy of late:

1) Japan wins! we watched japan beat cuba in beisball or beisaboru or however those countries that actually made it to the championship call it.
2) Aggate is very fun to find on a beach.
3) ETA surrenders! sort of. I see the cease fire as a win for the Basque people, though I'm not sure we'll ever get a broken up Spain, despite Castillian progress toward their liberty. A rather strange byproduct of Al Quaida action no?
4) I'm fairly certain that no car exists that would keep me happy in a 90 minute commute, but I'm glad to see the new FJs are out -- - why no diesel?

Monday, March 13, 2006

weather or not

so, here i am in dc. it was 80 today. the day before I left SF it snowed 2 inches in SF and 28 cars smashed into each other a snowstorm in sausalito. really, does this make any sense? I'll post pictures when I get my crap together enough to.

Monday, March 06, 2006

stereolab vs. animal collective

okay, so I saw two shows this week - both at the fillmore - one thurs and one sun. stereolab, absent the much loved (well, it was a crush I guess) and much missed mary hanson, the live shows are, well, kinda the same as their recent albums - nice to listen to but not wowzing. Really, for me, dots and loops was where it stopped working on vinyl, but this was my first post mary show and, absent her, it's not their live anymore either.

Contrast that with the Animal Collective. I've been trying to see these guys for several years now and it's just never worked out. Let's just say it worked out. The show was a hair under sold out, and the boys were on fire. I can't wait for the coachella show. I really want to see them with a large, enthusiastic audience.

I said "best show I've seen in recent memory"

Bolsinga said, correctly I think, "this is the weirdest show I've ever seen at the fillmore" - so true - they're truly weird, but they've got it figured out - the balance of noise, avant psycho, and compelling song structure that is at once pop-sensible and nutso.

Fair to say the word of the show was "crescendo" which edged out "cacophony" by a nose in such a way that all those people left in awe that so many people had taste as good as theirs and as much fun to boot.

Now when people ask me what they sound like I'm going to say:

"they're an avant psycho dub jam band" then refuse to explain it.

Line Item Veto

I've always felt that the line item veto is a partisan tool, regardless of the fact that it unjustly weights the balance of power to the executive.

Too little too late, W. Maybe if you had rammed it through in the middle of your first term you'da had it. As it looks now, the writing's on the wall that you're going to lose the midterm election and this is what you're doing to protect the power that you have now. It reeks of defeat. It's a justly deserved defeat too.