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Monday, April 17, 2006

seriously, where do they get this stuff?

BEIJING, April 17 (Xinhuanet) -- U.S. President George W. Bush is expected to approve within days a national pandemic influenza response plan under which the government would expand the Internet and possibly permit foreign countries to print U.S. currency during a flu pandemic.

EXPAND THE INTERNET????????????????? What does that even mean?

Sunday, April 09, 2006

but then i read about the italians

...and i think - you attacked your football team at the airport because they lost a game? now THAT sucks.

what may be even more lame is that they were returning from winning a game that still kept them in the running to stay in the tournament.

is this because you can't even get a pope from italy and you're just pissed about it? well guess what - I'm going to try and get the vatican moved to hoboken fucking new jersey because you suck THAT bad.

and ira and georgia if you're reading - will you please write a song encouraging the pope to move the vatican to hoboken? I think this would be cool. and serve the inter milan fans right.

when it ends, we will deserve it

no, I'm not talking about climate change, I'm talking about the huge line of morons dressed up like such hipsters waiting in line last night at mezanine, not dance and drink - buy clothes in a crowded nightclub.

seriously - i've never been so repulsed by a group of people before. these people were disgusting trying to be cutting edge with some hipper than though BS that is totally based on everyone self congratulating each other then spiting each other behind their backs. In a sure sign that I have become an old man I mostly felt sorry for their parents, but I suppose it's actually their fault so maybe I should be saying they got what they deserved and worst, I got what I didn't deserve because they didn't kill their own children when they saw how bad they were turning out.

seriously, the desire to be cool has gotten out of control - you people are losers and simply having enough money to be able to pay a cover to go to a mall - a mall for overpriced stuff that you can tell your friends is cool and they will say yeah to is not cool. it's fucking lame. you embarass me. you embarass our country. you embarass our species. plus, I must say, the majority of you were actually ugly.

I mean this sincerely - die. you suck. just die.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

this may not be fair to say....but:

The Ex is the greatest band ever.

Hands down. No, the band you are thinking is better just isn't.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

on being pinched for time to talk about it all

okay, so I've got opinions on a lot of things but no time:

the immigration work in the senate, including appreciating the irony of respecting the 60 votes needed to override a filibuster (seems such a devious act is not okay for judicial nominees from dems but okay when some republicans support it on immigration).

whisky from scotland

Bush's newest problem - oh, he authorized the leak. well, there's that. whatever happened to the good old staffers like poindexter and north - men that would take a fall for you? now dems was da days. yessah.

not to mention google and earthlink's little SF wi-fi project.

oh if I were only to have some time...

Et tu Judas?

So,,,,the gospel of Judas. This is pretty interesting to me. Not being an expert on Gnostics or anything. I like the villian as true hero idea. the stuff storybooks are made of.

the bitchin'est state in the union

maryland. so says eric the intern.

a rogue rabbit

This overheard through the office door as someone (Commissioner Bohn?) was walking down the hall:

"it creates all the fear and trepidation of a rabbit gone mad"

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

were you held back?

bolsinga asked if i was held back in school at the castle last night.

then we went and saw edith frost and the zincs at the hemlock.

I am so tired today.

nick macri wasn't playing with the zincs, but ryan hembrey was (owing to edith I'm assuming). nice small world. the show was good - so was the show poster.

jim from the zincs says he'll be recording with M.C. Entire at soma and their new stuff is gonna sound a lot like television. I'm looking forward to that.

The poster for the show was great. I got one. I wish they had customized them for each show - a pet peeve of mine - hey it's only one color and you can get most of them on one or two screens and just tape them off.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

birds, elephants, golfclubs, cellphones

marcus thinks everything was bound to happen.

revival of the dot com boom

yes, in honor of brotherman greg and paul still I went ab-eloan-e diving yesterday with vance ahsam, brad (the mrs. kelly hymes) and vance's friend dan and his boys. it was great fun and i recommend it to anyone that's not afraid of jumping into freezing cold water with lead weights strapped to your waist to pry living things off of rocks.

most of you reading this will know that we almost never cook meat at home. like twice in five years almost never. well, we cooked ab yesterday.
it was great. we made champagne vinaigrette with white pepper and a bit of lemon juice for the salad and parsley lemmon butter sugar and salt for the lightly breaded and fried ab. given that it took me pretty much 12 hrs to get the abalone (4.5 of which was driving) it was a long prep time for dinner, but it was worth it.

here are some pics:

no pics of the dive, sorry, someday they'll make a waterproof treo with a 3 meg camera and I'll buy one, as long as the crappy windows CE isn't running on it, and then you'll see me all wetsuited up.

All I need to do now is get mary to start making Ab jewelry for a living and I can retire and eat well.

I should state that April 1, the first day of ab diving for the season, was not a good day for diving - there was a 9' swell with a 13 second period - better for surfing actually, and I did lose my snorkel in a particularly big wave and swallowed a lot of water, but once a replacement was secured (double entendre most definitely entendred) all was good for everything except the abalone. actually, the abalone were good, it just wasn't good for the abalone.