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Friday, May 26, 2006

morals and morales

so, many folks know that I lived in bolivia as a wee one, on and off for my first 5 years is the way I describe it, but really I think it was more like my first 4.

anyway, I've been following snr morales for a while now, both in the press (financial and otherwise) and via conversations with folks who've been there (most recently Tazhay, who has a bunch of photos on participatory democracy based there - among other places).

A lot of people talk a lot of smack about the new lean left in south america, but I'll point out that it's the law that people vote in bolivia, and for some that means hitchhiking for days to the nearest polling place. for american foreign policy to miss the implications of this is just incredible shortsightedness.

I do feel that much of american foreign policy/development/outreach is geared toward making suddenly appeared little americas (circa 2006) - it's just not reasonable.

as for snr morales' apparent course of action, I suspect he's overstepping on a sustainability front, but to justify that assessment I'd need a lot more than a blog post.

I do think that chavez's unasur free trade zone may actually be a better model for the developing world than NAFTA/WTO style arrangements. I'm not convinced unequally developed countries should partner equally, especially with regard to natural resources for which there is no domestic market - it smacks of theft, which is just what snr morales is reacting to. it just happens that chavez is offerring advice and perspective that fits better with that model than brazil or the US is (if that's based on his own self interest or some abstract bolivarian world view doesn't matter)

the house of fu manchu if you really want

the nytimes reported that desmond dekker died today at only 64! (how young must he have been when he first rocked - and it was rocky - 0.0.7 and the israelites. I've always liked how soul inspired but rocky and forceful his voice was.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


the first dinosaur album, before the jr got rocked, rocked.

forget the swan. always will remind of me of too much acid and nashville now because of swami swanny von svenson.

again, this is the part of the 80s I wish was popular again.

Monday, May 22, 2006

sea monkey sea doo

so i had this realization, which is, when the flood happens (soon) will boats suddenly be the next big thing, or will the pollution be so bad in the water that being as far away from it as possible will be the "cool" thing?

i mean, there's a lot of wondering about things like if housing will be under water, but isn't the bigger issue if waste will be floating in it?

Friday, May 12, 2006

I am under the weather

but what glorious weather to be under.

alas, all this aluminium tubing has got me ill. this despite a last minute nixing of a trip to DC this weekend. it does me no good to be ill with weather as divine as we're having. so much for so wet i say. now, if only my nose would listen. (suddenly I felt like magritte)

salim's beard, or um, errr bard, i mean barb

Slim's got a great post on muni. it's a sonnet.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

catching up is hard to do

So, I've got more travel than I care to detail at this moment, and I've been up to a lot in the past month that hasn't been fairly reported here (or on fox news).

some highlights:

1) coachella.
2) deerhoof at the sf film festival playing music to harry smith's heaven and earth magic plus 4 shorts
3) we saw a bunch of cars all smashed up and burned out
4) we broke 100K on mary's car
5) we hung out with jesse and marina
6) we hung out with tom and kate and ran into chris green and david prince
7) I've been working way too much
8) we went with alex to see endangered plants that were falling into the ocean
9) i had a totally excellent birthday dinner at wayo!!!!
10) we got a mac. holy crap.