Wednesday, August 08, 2007

it doesn't matter how shallow you are

i'll still get wet if i jump in

reading a very entertaining blog on apple's enmity toward not friendly enough reporters and publications created the fake steve jobs. happened to be listening to the rather perfect pop song "piecework" by clyde federal, a sadly disappeared chicago pop band (mike bulington!). the line "it doesn't matter how shallow you are/i'll still get wet if i jump in" right as i read the line about lobbing water balloons in from the window outside in the blog. i know not much about the band (even how i discovered them) but this song is so good, better than any of the other stuff by them i've heard.

"36 cents at a time tends to dollars over hours" it's a very wordy song, but they're so well placed and quite well chosen. it's become one of my sleeper hits of 2007.


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