Monday, August 06, 2007

none of my friends are normal - or gabba gabba hey, carlos

but it still impresses me as remarkable when the ultrahip scenesters such as carlos d (of interpol fame) goes and says something that makes me think "he's one of us". so this would have been a moment, between stages on the tour de france when current tv had a little snippit with him where he spoke highly of Lautner's design for the Chemosphere (which is what the Current TV folks call their "LA studio" which is what most of us would call "a soundstage make to look like a studio".

So, I myself probably could not have resisted the temptation to riff on the fact that it's not what it appears, but I also probably could not play bass that well, so 'los and I are even. Needless to say, Lautner is awesomely weird, though not curvey enough for me. I learned today that he only died in the 90s. not carlos, he's still alive, don't let the whole goth aesthetic fool you.


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