Saturday, October 27, 2007

punks on the street

so mary and i ran into some punks on the street in front of slims (on our way to see the sleeping states). me, i love punks. so i asked 'em what I consider the quintessential punk questions:
1) do you have any songs 3 minutes or over?
2) how long between songs?
3) when do you write your set list?
4) what's the longest tour you've been on?
5) how many people are in your band?

they got the questions right! then they gave me their CD. it's pretty good. they're called the publiquors - they're drunks, duh. but hey, what you'd gonna do in sonoma county? aside from 1 kinda emo song and 1 pop-punk song (the latter of which is actually pretty good) they're what I like in punk music - honest, angry, irreverent and sloppy.

so here's my plug:

the 3 live songs are pretty good, the pill popper song is great. and if you can make it through the intro to "same old shit" it's totally a radio worthy punk pop song.

I wonder if they'd re-record it...


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