Monday, February 26, 2007

actually overheard

1: I think it's a 1-07-D
2: Well, there's a 1-07-T, but not a 1-07-D.
1: Oh.
2: But I'm pretty sure that's a C-1-10.
1: Oh.

really. I almost spit coffee. It's even funnier when you think about all the "oh" sounds

Saturday, February 17, 2007

on consumption

well, I don't do this very often, but I'm going to share something I bought:

a motorcycle.


it's been ten years since I last owned one. this one is more than an order of magnitude more expensive than the last one (this scale differential in and of itself should come as no surprise to anyone that knows of the fine deal that mr. russel mass - yes I know him - and I entered into over mr. oliver steck's rather nicely spraypainted datsun 210).

there are a few things that this brings to mind:

1) i would like to be back in touch with bill and sonia florian.

2) ted shen is dead

3) i think that motorcycles have gotten too big in terms of ICE displacement

4) i have a tendency to buy foreign branded vehicles, regardless of the type of vehicle (car, bike, motorcycle) with the exception of trucks, where I have erred toward early 70s fords for some reason (possibly their ugliness?)

5) for reasons other than a need (or even desire) for speed (really) I have purchased a motorized vehicle designed to go fast.

The subject vehicle is: a 2004 ducati multistrada mts1000ds, purchased from a private party with an extended warranty good for another 2.5 years (it is an italian machine after all).

to clarify something as i feel the need to: the other bike i was looking at was a brand new kawasaki ninja 250r. not exactly the same bike. mary thinks it's a sign of my newly discovered brand awareness (or possibly fat middle aged lameness) that caused me to opt for the bike I dropped the cabbage on. I will show her by getting a ninja too, just to spite her - so that she can learn on that bike without my worrying about her laying down the more expensive one.

now there's something you don't see every day

yes, the very same day I saw a car drive up onto the pedestrian walkway in the golden gate panhandle and drive just a tad slower than traffic on oak for a whole two blocks, I saw a bicyclist bike with traffic down the very same street from fillmore to franklin - splitting lanes.

the expression "fucking retarded" comes to mind for both people.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

houston we have a problem

okay, I find this story funny. only because of the whole texas florida space connection. well, and that it seems perfectly balanced between two great kubrick films.



whilst paroozing for some info on the dave cloud in mojo, I discovered that Uwe Nettelbeck died. Strange that somehow I never knew Faust had actually tried recording with Giorgio Moroder, been fired from Virgin and been arrested whilst trying to break into the studio to steal back the tapes. Totally awesome!

As an aside, Faust's live show at lounge ax was an eye opener, but sadly I mostly remember decided to not by the best damned rock and roll poster I've ever seen at that show. Faust's x-ray of a fist, very large. Gate and a stragely absent Thurston Moore were on the bill as well. It was a great show. If memory serves I caught a ride up there with mr. david grubbs.

I found a review of the show from some U of C'er, which featured the line "Literally thought I was gonna die at several points (e.g., when the TVs exploded, when the oil drums were being chain-sawed, when the club filled with thick black smoke...). " which pretty much summed up my experience.

Who is this keith dude and why don't I know him? it seems like we went to A LOT of shows together.

Friday, February 02, 2007

an island of superness in a sea of mediocrity

wow. the advert featuring mr. kevin underling ne spears is pretty awesome. very well done.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

i don't have a lot of time for blogging this month

because it's february!

there sure are lots of things I want to kavetch about. here's one of them:


Yes, Boston, a city I've always sort of felt was cool, but really wasn't confirmed my long harbored suspicions by deciding that a space invader wannabe was in fact an IED.

Okay, what we are talking about here is a circuit board about 1' x 1.5' with a small battery pack at the bottom that would turn on at night. the things are 2mm thick with a 2" X 2" X 1' battery at the bottom.

Okay, okay, i get the whole one if by space two if we're morons bit of american history Boston, but come on, clearly the terrorists have won at this point. Can we all just get over it now? Let's get one thing straight - your city was WAY more at risk and your traffic was way more fucked up (which is how real people measure terrorist threat levels) with that whole big dig giant cement car squashing fiasco than any cartoon advert will ever cause.

oh, and by the way, GREAT guerrilla compaign by the way, I give it thumbs up, especially for the apparent actuall guerrilla part.