Thursday, April 19, 2007

phil spector's hair

i mean: phil spector's fucking hair!!!!

ted leo


Monday, April 16, 2007

missing wit

we ran into the perlins at kelly church's wedding back in oxford...just returned from buenos aires. this pearl of wisdom was shared (in response to don imus' troubles as well as the passing of tiny bubbles champion do ho):

"it's been a bad week for hos"

Thursday, April 12, 2007

kurt's dead

yes, we were on a first name basis.
okay, maybe not quite that. i still think of him pretty regularly and that dinner jacquie and I had with him some 10-15 years ago. i was so excited to tell him that I knew a one-eyed armenian. we spent a strangely long time talking about indianapolis as well, though I think that jacquie had the most QT with him ;)

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

late for xmas but on time for easter

means jesus's birthday presents aren't late after all!

okay, so mary and I didn't know it was easter. okay, so we were, well, underdressed. mary's shirt still looked pretty awesome!

Monday, April 09, 2007

also accomplished - mendo water activities

as in the start of ab season:

and smart ass season:

these pics would be from fisk mill cove in sonoma as a matter of fact, but the point is made.

matt and amy

the week before the week before matt and amy and their awesomely nutso dogs arrived for an unfortunately way too short visit.

here's proof:
1) that their dogs are nutso:

2) that they were here:

unexpected visits and good rock shows

An unexpected call from Jelle on saturday morning resulted in a great show that evening: The Frames, anthemic arena rock to a fault, but also wholely entertaining. (...did have me missing jazz drummers a bit though...)

Also on the bill were the submarines, great poster, totally cute presence, great songs at their core, and lots of potential; missed the cue for a rollicking collaborative encore by playing one of their own songsthat the frames didn't know when invited onto the stage at the end of the frames set. (i felt socially awkward for them). the CD just didn't hold up to the live show, but there's a lot of potential when the get a bit older (and lose the jewelesque introspection that, along with some bad production moments and a few weak songs, ruins the album)

Sadly (for us at least) Jelle was precommitted with Calxico for NO Jazzfest so we'll miss him at coachella when we and the frames next pass...

sol lewitt

sol lewitt died yesterday. somtimes i don't like his art, but sometimes i love it. in particular i got his conceptual art jokes and thought them damned funny. ToWitt:
“Buried Cube Containing an Object of Importance but Little Value” is almost everything i love in art.