Wednesday, August 20, 2008


i think congratulations are definitely in order to the entire olympic community after china sentenced two women in their late 70s to a year of forced labour for seeking permits to protest the prices they received for their homes being destroyed for the olympics.

I want to be sure each and every one understands exactly what just happened so when you enjoy watching 16 year old girls jump up and down in tight outfits better than other 16 year old girls, you understand what you're paying for.

two women in their late 70s asked for permission to protest in a designated protest area because their houses were destroyed for the olympics and they did not receive what they thought was fair compensation for their houses. they were denied permission to protest. they came back another day to seek permission to protest. their request was denied. they came back another day seeking permission to protest. they were denied. on the 5th day they were informed that they had been sentenced to 1 year of forced labor for asking for permission to protest over the previous days.

so, global community, let's just get this straight - in your greed to exploit china's lax environmental policies and incredibly cheap labor pool as well as trade a little quid for a little quo on getting support for Chicago hosting the olympics in the future you decided a country that forces septuagenarians into forced labor for seeking permission to complain about their government.

well that certainly epitomizes the spirit of the olympics.

for me this event more than any other (and there have been many) clinches the end of my tolerance of the olympics in any form.


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