Wednesday, October 22, 2008

maybe they're just used as socks?

you have got to be kidding! the GOP, party of fiscal responsibility, apparently had to bribe sarah palin with $150k in clothes to run for vice president.

now, I know this is not actually what happened but come on, wouldn't that money have been better spent on, say, advertising? is she not capable of wearing the same clothes more than once? does she not already have clothes? do they wear barrels during the warm months up there and seal skins in the winter?

it reminds me of the line from some movie in the 1980s (was it trading places? brewsters millions? I cannot remember) where a gross rich person says he only wears socks once and suggests a list of things the socks may be used for after he's done wearing them. the comic foil suggests they may just be used as socks.

well, it was funny in the 80s, but then again, even nancy reagan would have SOME restraint. what does 75 thousand dollars buy at a neiman marcus? and what do you get for the next 40 thousand bucks? what has happened to the party is that in the fragmentation of the tent, its lost its way.

okay wait, let's do the math. 150K spread out over about 70 days from August 29 to November 4 - that's a little over $2000 for each and every day. Now THAT's how a populist dresses!


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