Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bicycle to the Moon

Albert Hoffman, RIP. At 102 probably the oldest acid eater. Certainly the person who had the most number of years of experience with the drug, what with being its inventor and such.

file under "I'm not making this crap up"

An actual quote from an actual newspaper article:

"The Homosexual and Lesbian Community of Greece could not be reached for comment."

From an article on a group of Lesbians suing a group of lesbians.

file under what were they thinking?

so google has created "artiste" versions of its home page.

I point out that they started with Jeff Fucking Koons! No Chicholina pics for some reason.

I am not sure if I would use the word "bold" or the word "stupid" or both, and I'm even in a good mood about Koons today.

DAMN! I went and ruined my joke by misspelling her name. Should be "Cicciolina" not "Chicholina" but you get the point.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


plant plants. it's fun. it feels good. they can feed you.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

mix tapes, redux

I want to emphasize one thing:

i don't want to slag too much on high speed dubbing, it was pretty handy for making copies of whole tapes (mix tapes included) but the best mix tapes did not feature the tape to tape at high speed. simple statement of fact.

Party with Me Punker!

With napal, with marijuana, with clenched fists, with the history of the world.

I've been saying it for years, which proves not that I'm ahead of the curve but that I'm a curmudgeonly old man.

yes, mix tapes rock, and burninating CDs has ruined things like true love and fandom.

oh, and the record industry, which for some reason I don't care quite as much about as true love and fandom.

so, the 80s are back, bust out your tape to tape and lps and comma dammit, no high speed dubbing if this is gonna last.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

the girls in their summer dresses

it's not updike, he was writing about scopes of vanilla ice cream . it's irwin shaw that I thought of when I saw the NYTimes piece with the caption:

The summer dress, in all shapes and styles, is preferred by many women, and by men who like watching them.


Shaw's story is great; involving a scopophilic man and his irritated significant other who stomps off because he keeps looking at all the getaway sticks/pins/gams. Ends rather perfectly with him noticing what nice legs she has as she is leaving him.

GREAT short story, which I haven't re-read since probably 6th or 7th grade.

Actually in looking at the whole story Shaw gets a shout out!

Sunday, April 20, 2008


man, i love this band.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

dan schnur

most of the time I don't agree with what dan schnur writes (or probably thinks), but this piece was pretty good. Of course, we disagree on a lot of things, but hey, name checking Tom Frank and actually getting the bigger picture on what Tom writes about (missing on purpose of course that Tom is actually from Kansas).

Where (well, one place) I disagree is the following:
"An environmentally conscious, pro-stem cell bond trader who votes Democratic is lauded for selflessness and open-mindedness. A gun-owning, church-going factory worker who supports Republican candidates, on the other hand, must be the victim of partisan deception."

This is fundamentally an apples to oranges comparison which is why it falls short. The wealthy bond trader may feel selfless or be characterized that way, but it's also in his best interest in the long run - partly because its his environment too and partly because a healthy and stable economy (and environment) are good for his business (and life). Comparing a decision to support a Democratic candidate because your views align on an issue that relates to a larger issue of governance to a decision to support a Republican candidate based on individual element such as religion is not a reasonable comparison. Tom's book was in fact about individual values as contrasted to economic ones.

Dan misses the point (on purpose I think) that a happy coincidence (or not) of alignment of directly related interests exist for the bond trader while a slight of hands to distract from the non-alignment (insert pere ubu song here) of social and economic issues exists for th factory worker.

To say the least a bond trader that cares about the environment in the abstract and votes for "the environmental candidate" without looking at the record (see bill clinton here) is pretty much just as bad though for different reasons.

He goes on to say (and the first part is the hyperbole we expect, while the latter half is a subtle jab and soft partisan criticism):
"This double standard is at the heart of the Democratic challenge in national elections: rather than diminish these cultural beliefs as a byproduct of economic discomfort, a more experienced and open-minded candidate would recognize and respect the foundations on which these values are based."

Anyway, on the whole I thought he addressed the issue well.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I've made my share of stupid mistakes

but come on senator, suspending the gas tax is about the WORST thing you can do right now. First of all, it's one of the very few taxes that actually make sense because it actually goes to a directly related recipient (the highway system). Second of all, lose the advantages that alternative fuels bring by leveling the playing field. In effect you are making us more dependent on oil, not making it less expensive. Third, you know you told all the economists to go screw themselves when they pointed out that gas taxes should be HIGHER not LOWER. This is a political decision to focus on people who suddenly feel poor because of a subject that's taboo for you - housing market regulations and in particular the Alt A 100% financing mechanism. Suddenly you decide that things will be better if you stop paving the roads to their jobs (if they have them) while they wait for the houses to be foreclosed or move into rentals?

Bad long term strategy. Foolish pandering to the poor to get elected.

I am very disappointed in your decision.

Friday, April 11, 2008

like the title of the page says

best breakdancing shit ever!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

i just learned...

that a person with a cold can produce 2 quarts of mucus a day!!!


i am not making this crap up

but I am going to hang myself in shame now:

DANDRIDGE, Tenn. (AP) -- Dolly Parton visited the woods overlooking Douglas Lake near the Great Smoky Mountains in designer buckskins and 4-inch heels. But she knew she wasn't the star of this show. It was a young American bald eagle.

The eagle was blown from its nest several weeks ago in Florida. On Thursday, it was returned to the wild by the American Eagle Foundation, which is based at the 62-year-old singer's Dollywood theme park.

Some 90 eagles have been released from the same spot since the 1990s. But this marked the first time that their country music benefactor had seen it in person.

Before she helped open the cage and watched the bird soar away, Parton named it ''Liberty.''

''I thought that sounded better than Baldy,'' she said.

when is it safe or not

nytimes blog on motorcycle safety decreases for old farts.

this is not new information of course, old men buy harleys and some of them aren't as together as they should be. I don't read too much into the slower reaction speed claims. these are new riders on big, heavy bikes that are not designed to be nimble so they aren't.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

file under: jesus I hope he was referring to the economy

“It may be a perilous time to be a citizen, but it is a very exciting time to be an economist.”

thanks, mr. summers

Monday, April 07, 2008

wrong life cannot be lived correctly

Es gibt kein richtiges Leben im falschen

i am in a fit of adornoisms.

i am, at the mo, stuck on him.

Friday, April 04, 2008

weasels rip my flesh

alas, today I took a sizable chunk out of my face today with of all things: a razor. sheesh. no one WARNED me that this was a risk of shaving. NEVER. sheesh.

what's your price for flight?

Bolsinga points out this spectacular comment in the comments section of the Sister Christian video by Night Ranger on the YouTube.

"To all of the wigger, hip hopper, wanna be gangstas that like to make fun of the hair and styles of the '80s:
Wait 'till your prison culture worship fades and a new, cool hairstyle comes by, you try to grow it and find that your stupid, head shaving ass is now bald. Most men only have thick healthy hair in their youth-the exact time that you buzz heads either shave it off or try to look like a Marine.
ps: Those "cool" baggy, cell block D clothes you're wearing will be a nice Halloween costume."

Jesus. Who here is motorin'?

Okay, okay I know you're wondering - what in the hell was Bolsinga doing on the sister christian video at the youtube? the answer is he likes that guy's hat. the baldness covering hat. can't get enough of it in fact. I gather, from rumors I've heard, that's he's going to try and grow one.

or maybe I sent him the link.

jesus, who here is motorin'?

Okay, I do have to point out that the drums on this song are "those drums" as in the antithesis of the bottom miked snare turned up to 11. the producer is Pat Glasser, who rocked all the night ranger stuff, but the engineer John VanNest, who has, shall we say, a more diverse CV, well, he was the one who did ALL THOSE DRUMS!!!

Anyone that's been stuck in a van or bus with me knows how much I love talking about the 80s tom fills from all those bands. It's this faux emotional, hyperbolic, dramatically bogus spoogefest, and totally awesome at the same time.

I'm going to listen to it again damnit.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

economics of speculation

so, reuters, (not the awesome song by wire off of their album pink flag, but the subject of that song), well, they could use some ekonomiks skoolin'.

likely that link is broken as you can't permalink a reuters piece.

anyway, i keep trying to figure out how speculators drive up prices. over time, they can't. certainly short term they can, they can also cause crashes during periods of adjustment down, but all of that implies only volatility, not higher prices over time. put bluntly, if you speculate that a commodity is worth more than is actually is, you just pay more for a commodity than it's actually worth and in taking delivery you're forced to either consume something that is beyond your ability to consume (hoarding, burning, whatever) or you sell it on the open market for what it's actually worth, aka a loss.

In theory there is some debate over if volatility is even increased because of speculation. It's probably most fair to say that volatility can be either increased or decreased by speculation, though it'd hardly be speculation if one or the other was not the case.

Anyway, spend some time thinking about it, then go out and buy some grain futures and decide for yourself if you have any control over the ultimate clearing price.