Tuesday, September 30, 2008

cruelty to animals

it is NOT okay to treat animals this way. I mean, tempting a shark with such a tasty morsel and then denying it the pleasure of eating it is just wrong.

contract killings

this piece on untimely deaths of fictional characters is pretty entertaining. mischa barton and chef in the same picture. whodathunk?

philip k dick came to me in a vision last night

and he told me that a massive ice age on mars happened one hundred thousand years ago because the proto-sapiens had so polluted their planet they forced an ice age and were forced to flee. As a result they built a space ship that sent a select few to earth as their own planet died.

when they arrived on earth they had little trouble taking over the reptiles after they knocked most of them off with a giant cannon/asteroid and their descendants have spread across the land repeating the same mistakes they made on mars. we would have had all of this history rather conveniently available for us but the neodynium crystals they used to record their history were incompatible with the earth's atmosphere (the power the expected to be able to generate from the sun was less than expected because of problems with calculations of the cloud cover) and the proto-sapiens were thrown into a historyless state within just a few generations. soon a power struggle broke out and a faction that insisted on destroying the remnants of the interplanetary ship to create a truly democratic society came briefly but forcefully to power. with the destruction of the ship/base the leadership from mars and the rabble were on equal footing - rudderless through time. all that is left of them is us, as some silly remnants of that long lost knowledge trapped like insects in our religions.

the remnants of that ice age were found today on mars.

Monday, September 29, 2008

the big picture

I like this blog.

I really like this line:


It does make you wonder. the idea of limiting a portion of the market is silly.

As I get older and I watch more terrible things happen I am developing a much better sense of why terrible things happen. Years ago I oversimplified this as the difference between representatives and senators, but it's obviously much more complicated. At issue is, in my mind, conservative vs. reactionary worldviews in times of perceived crisis. please don't read "conservative" and "reactionary" into those words above. I'm using them as adjectives, not nouns.

I was flummoxed when the SEC put restrictions on short sellers after a "report" was issued. Frankly I expected more from Cox, threats of firing by people who cannot fire him aside. In times of previously unseen volatility (or not, as the case may be) picking a victim is going to happen. politics is politics. but pick an actual victim, not a fundamental element of the market.

Picking on short selling is like picking on gravity instead people dropping rocks on people's heads. When did Cox suddenly get the idea that markets are only supposed to go up? He didn't. He knows better, so what gives? Populist appeasement moves in a time of crisis are about the worst things you can do.

Oh and Nancy, the blame for this is gonna fall on you. Having the wherewithall to recognize when not to allow a bill to be introduced is what a leader is expected to do. Fixing a broken bill to the point where a majority can support is how a leader demonstrates they've got chops.



A white (green) muscat!


Passion fruit. in a grape! INSANE.


Seriously, the most amazing grape I have every had the honor to taste.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

i object

right now, I am letting everyone know, this bailout bill stinks to high heaven. to be sure it will be too little too late, but we'll be stuck with the costs of the mistake for decades. that's on the positive side of things.

take one look at it, not even bothering to read all 110 pages so far and I promise you you will be disgusted.

the worst piece of legislation since the patriot act hands down. from a variety of angles it's FAR WORSE.

i am not sure if our country will be able to recover.

i am serious.

too little too late and by the time you've figured that out, not only will the money be spent, but the lack of judicial review you've built into the process will mean a major erosion of the legislative checks and balances our economy has depended on before it started this pathetic slide.

so when you realize you just shot your children in the face to spite their noses, just remember - you felt it was important to rush the patriot act through too, and now you've gone a fucked this one up too. I challenge each and every one of you to undo this once you've gone and done it, because it's obvious you're going to do it no matter what any of your constituents think, you'll find in fact that you can't - that the president now has the power to appoint a neigh upon omnipotent economy czar and you can't do anything to stop it.


Saturday, September 27, 2008

the hustle ends

paul newman died friday. he was big into salad dressing and cookies i hear. and eggs. lots of eggs.

Friday, September 26, 2008

when a life is candy

salim passed on a nice "ask a times reporter" section today featuring bruce webber, who's had a pretty good run of great articles over his career.

in particular though, the piece focused on obits, which the times does particularly well. it put my in a good mood to again read about martin tytell's life in the context of what makes a life's stories worth telling.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

as our world goes gonzo

let's not forget that john bonham died today, give or take some 28 years or so.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

sad day for chocolate

Bob Steinberg died last week. I owe this man a lot. a lot of chocolate.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I have said it before and I will say it again:

The USOC sucks ass. For me, they ruined what little was left of an olympics that should have never happened in the first place by acting like complete assholes to our athletes.

And while the USOC considers the matter resolved internally (aka we don't care about athletes so we're not doing anything to people on our that screw them over) I will also resolve this matter internally: the USOC sucks and I will slander them every chance I get until they improve, which I suspect will likely never happen.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

smash your head against the punk rock

well, my first though after reading the news that yes had replaced their lead signer for their upcoming tour was to play shellac of north america's the watch song loud enough to scare people, but I had just listened to it (it's been in my head for a few days) so instead I decided to play master of puppets, because metallica replaced all of metallica with understudies for their newest album.

the expression cliff 'em all comes to mind.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

the hummmmmmm is coming from herrrrrrrr

today I had a memory of awkward moments. oh yes, I've had a few in my days.

today it was of an animated conversation over I can't remember what at some show (I can't remember who) at the double door when I learned the person I was speaking to was david baker, of mercury rev's early days. I had managed to put my foot firmly into my mouth by pointing out that I liked but couldn't remember any details of the early mercury rev stuff but found the just released see you on the other side totally amazing.

mr. baker proceeded to describe his relationship to all of that by saying "I used to be the singer in that band until I got kicked out before they recorded that album"

it was, well, weird.

luckily I did enjoy their early stuff too...

all of this pops up because mercury rev is playing at the all tomorrow's parties in two weeks!

Friday, September 05, 2008

about time

As someone who has had police lie on accident reports and citations for conflict between bikes and cars where there has been personal injury all I can say is ABOUT TIME.

I have NEVER understood what motivates police officers who lie in police reports but I have always assumed it has been a sense of impunity. In some situations this proves to be false, and thanks be praised for that.

Having been caught on the bad side of such a scenario, it gives little hope that sometimes, if you're lucky, you can escape being wrongfully prosecuted. What should happen almost never does - in only the rarest of situations do lower level courts ever consider punishment of the criminal act of police lying on court documents. This seems to me to be a huge hole in our justice system. Police are protected by their unions, but the union/department interaction is not and should not be considered a proxy for actual justice.

A police officer being put on desk duty makes sense when there's evidence of wrongdoing and unnecessary violence in an arrest, but where is the court's fealty to justice and the rule of law? without truthfulness in record there is no opportunity for the rule of law.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

bill melendez RIP

another great voice, this one distorted on tape. bill melendez, aka the voice of snoopy - and obviously so much more.

look! a car filled with baloons!

So I've seen a lot over the course of my life, but this was, well, a first:

a yellow volkswagon bug filled with people dressed in yellow with yellow birds flying around inside the car.


Tuesday, September 02, 2008

don lafontaine


it's hard to not immediately recognize the voice.

sometimes you find someone after they're gone

so, for me, it's always sad to realize that not reading liner notes closely or getting to see some bands means you only find out about them from their Obit.

pitchfork points out that adam nodalman died recently.

I don't know his last band, though sunburned hand of the man is an awesome name.

it turns out though, that i've been listening to bands he's made for a good long time - from missing foundation days on through borbatomagus and crash worship.