Thursday, October 30, 2008

to be added to my list of favorite things to tattoo backwards on one's own forehead

!yeV yO

20 year old campaign workers are running stiff competition against skinheads for tattooing things backwards on the faces after forgetting how mirrors work.

yep, mccain campaign worker ashley todd alleged that someone NOT using a mirror carved a B onto her face until it was pointed out to her that, well, that's just stupid.

although she's been freed on probation, there is no word yet on how the world's skinhead population with "!IO" tattooed on their foreheads feel about the run for the money in the "thank you for noticing that I am, in fact, that stupid" award.

Monday, October 27, 2008

so much of so much

should I blog about dan le sac vs. scroobius pip, which is in heavy rotation, ted stevens, who is looking very unhappy in every picture I've seen on almost every news source I use, the awesome metzler visit this weekend, that the sf bar was breaking this weekend, mushrooms, or no wait, I've got it:

I saw, by rather random chance (see sf bar breaking news above) the once annual (or was that once triennially) servicing of the lookout binoculars by richard and richard of tower optical (my new favorite company), which, not only made me wish salim was there to check it out (just uphill from the old mussee mechanique!), but really want to make a documentary film about the cross country trek these guys do to service the rented equipment. some day!!!

let me just tell you, it was a real treat to be there on the day they opened the boxes up and serviced them. simple, beautiful, awesomely functional. and well worth 25 cents! when I develop the pics I'll post them.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

ode to the sharpie

many know my fondness for the sharpie, predating, but significantly increased by my learning that Tom's old roommate Georgia's sister in fact worked in the sharpie factory and that employees actually sniff markers all day.

well, it turns out they're saving thousands of dollars in health care costs too.

maybe they're just used as socks?

you have got to be kidding! the GOP, party of fiscal responsibility, apparently had to bribe sarah palin with $150k in clothes to run for vice president.

now, I know this is not actually what happened but come on, wouldn't that money have been better spent on, say, advertising? is she not capable of wearing the same clothes more than once? does she not already have clothes? do they wear barrels during the warm months up there and seal skins in the winter?

it reminds me of the line from some movie in the 1980s (was it trading places? brewsters millions? I cannot remember) where a gross rich person says he only wears socks once and suggests a list of things the socks may be used for after he's done wearing them. the comic foil suggests they may just be used as socks.

well, it was funny in the 80s, but then again, even nancy reagan would have SOME restraint. what does 75 thousand dollars buy at a neiman marcus? and what do you get for the next 40 thousand bucks? what has happened to the party is that in the fragmentation of the tent, its lost its way.

okay wait, let's do the math. 150K spread out over about 70 days from August 29 to November 4 - that's a little over $2000 for each and every day. Now THAT's how a populist dresses!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


look, if I pretended this wasn't in heavy rotation, I would go to hell. faster than I already am.

totally awesome.

typewriter cover? check. suspect handcuffed to radiator? check.

That skum sukking asshole Jon Burge finally got busted for the systemic torture of suspects in Area 2.

File under: now that the chicago reader sucks, who will actually do investigative journalism in Chicago?

If I may be so bold, may I suggest that he be forced to serve his incredibly short jail term in the general prison population for some actual justice.

stolen from a rifle clean brothel

This is something I've always wanted to do. I mean, it's way more complicated that what I've always wanted to do, but for years, probably since the mid 90s when I first listened to bundy talk about trying to record the right ramping speed for a tea kettle for a recording he was working on (this was after he'd left tortoise, but not by much) I started dreaming of recording percussive tracks in cars.

I had no idea how complicated you could actually get.