Thursday, June 11, 2009

plastic lawn chairs in times square

I had no idea of the story behind the lawn chairs, I just liked them.

now, I like them even more.

I love the kitch, I love that they're in the street, I love that they're being used by people who like them, I love that they're a temporary, stopgap measure.

I certainly wouldn't want cheap stuff that needs to be scrapped and replaced permanently, but it is a great idea for a short period of time.

They could probably sell them off for a profit at the end. and should.

I also worry that what they will be replaced with won't offer the same opportunity for abject relaxation that a cheap plastic lawn chair will. you cannot allow youself to collapse on a cafe chair, it's just not possible.

I would really like to see photographer and furniture maker Andy Gregg from Blackstone Bikes (where I briefly volunteered back in the 1990s) or some local (to NY of course) equivalent take this opportunity to make bike furniture for times square to encourage people to see reuse (and cycling) as fun and reasonable.


Anonymous bolsinga said...

Stop by Market & Castro & 17th. They are doing the same thing.

10:50 PM  
Blogger venus said...

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