Sunday, May 31, 2009

see, economists can be funny

albeit a bit pathetic at the same time...

this from the obit of nobel laureate Clive Granger:

"Clive William John Granger was born in Swansea, Wales, in 1934. He developed a strong interest in mathematics as a child but ambled into a career in statistics haphazardly. As a grammar school student in 1946, his teacher instructed him and his classmates to stand up one day and announce the careers they wanted.

“I preferred to use mathematics in some practical fashion and thought that meteorology sounded promising,” he wrote in his Nobel biography. “In those days I stuttered somewhat and when my turn came to stand up, I tried to say ‘meteorology’ but found I could not get the word out, so I just said ‘statistics,’ thereby determining my future path.”"

Thursday, May 07, 2009

symmetry in industrial design

heat extraction does not necessarily mean state change.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

finally some resolution

A few weeks ago A group of us happened to be in Oakland for a concert (Fleet Foxes actually) and decided to meet up at Radio (in our old neighborhood) before the show now that they actually prevent people from smoking in it. In a funny world sort of way the Green Day boys were there as well (Mary and I had just seen their surprise Independent show a week earlier). They were there with someone I couldn't place but who was familiar looking to me and the uncertainty was driving me crazy (I kept thinking "horn player" for some reason which was just confusing me to no end).

Well, it turns out in was Jon Pareles (duh I says, kicking myself) which became apparent upon reading the nytimes yesterday.

Pareles is good, always has been; he nailed this piece. I think though, that it helps to have such good material to work with, which the Green Day boys of course owe to being themselves and staying themselves as much as possible over the years. I was surprised to see that Butch Vig was behind the console for the upcoming album (insert Killdozer version of a "you've come a long way, baby" Virginia Slims advert here) and I think that was a great idea (no offense to Cavallo).

If the boys are going to play secret shows along the tour, as suggested by the article (and of course common sense), I am pulling for Fireside Bowl over the Double Door in Chicago, but I suppose that'd be more like playing Gilman over the Indpendent.

Who knows, maybe Henry will be able to go then after getting stiffarmed at the door to the Indepedent for being underaged (by about a dozen years). And guys, custom small show posters - make it happen now that you've got more warning...