Wednesday, July 15, 2009


so, I've always been a fan of the CH registered Dignatas organization, and generally been totally disgusted with England ever since I realized what an over the top backwards class oriented backwoods of a parochial wasteland it is (all over a bottle of port mind you). In reading this piece on a couple that, having been happily married for more than half a century, I was rather pleased to see that, regardless of whatever parochial BS the land of blighty can muster, some folks will just be proud that their parents decided to die together on their own terms. Of course with much crying and nothing to hide, which makes sense and is the way it should be.

If they happened to be fans of prokifiev, so much the better.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I made it through all but 20 minutes of bastille day without even noticing or even thinking that grubbs is recording somewhere?

sheesh. I musta been busy.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

a more fitting name than knave could not be found

“If I am required to enter a remedy that is ‘consistent with the jury’s findings,’ I cannot order remedy that ‘disregards the jury’s implicit finding’ that Professor Churchill has suffered no actual damages that an award of reinstatement would prospectively remedy,” Judge Naves wrote.

When a plaintiff states remunerative compensation is not his goal and a jury finds in his favor but only for $1, to read sub silentio into the jury's award of "only" $1 that no harm was done exhibits either a paucity of fealty to the rule of law (which I suspect is the case in this situation) or strong desire to be overturned by a higher court rather than taint one's POLITICAL career as a judge in the future.