Wednesday, September 30, 2009

daze like these

I had one o those days that is just exhausting on so many levels, but truly fulfilling as well.

I have a hard time describing to people from part of my day what I do with the rest of my day and I'm honestly not sure what to make of it.

Today I cured and flavored olives, almost moved to a remote island filled with monsters, made tea, tried, nearly failed, but somehow managed to save the world, went to vietnam and nearly took a vietnap, ate hot tomatoes, made shortbread with lemon and almonds, bought some mushrooms named after a crustacean, invited some bike messengers to go diving for underwater snails, drafted a power point presentation on retiring and how hard it is to do, mailed a bicycle across the country, contemplated poetry and the taxman, took out the papers and the trash, got some spending cash, watered some plants in my socks, put on three pairs of shoes, captured snow in an upside down fishbowl, rode two bikes at the same time, formed or at least better formed in a park a breakaway republic, possibly mated with weird sea life, bought purple green beans, offered to marry a friend for a first class stamp because I'm a first class kinda guy, reminisced about and old dirty bastard, and started a fire.

There were other things too, but I either can't write about them here or can't remember them anywhere.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

old men from different coasts

so don fisher and william saffire have both died - these were two men who I struck a balance of respect and disdain for. Both of them don't fit into molds, which I think is admirable, even if I disagreed with a lot that both of them did.

Friday, September 18, 2009

when a fire is contained

"When a fire is contained, a fuel break had been completed around the fire manually by hand line, and/or mechanically by dozer line. These breaks may also include the use of natural barriers such as rocky outcroppings. When a fire is controlled, it has been extinguished completely, including hot spots. When a fire has been controlled, the fire line is secure enough so that flare-ups within the fire perimeter will not break through the line."

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

egret soup with a side of schadenfruede

I'll be the first to admit that governmental entities will often get caught in really, really awkward situations where you're not sure if an intellectual word like "capture" or a more emotional "pathos" is the most fitting. The reality is that the politics between branches of government, the law, crisis, the zeitgeist of the moment, relationships with varying levels of substance and history (to say nothing of both substance and history themselves), and of course both intent and idiocy make for some difficult to defend positions.

All of that may or may not directly apply to poor Bank of America and the Securities and Exchange Commission which together got a serious, nearly biblical beatdown from Jedidiah Saul Rakoff of the southern NY district court.

(I will confess that Jedidiah sounded more apt for a biblical beatdown so I added a few letters to Jed).

The opinion is well worth reading and has undoubtedly put not only the SEC and BoA in awkward positions but others as well. Perhaps even my traveling companion from yesterday's IAD-SFO flight who is one young and otherwise charming skateboarding technocrat.

A few things are clear - the SEC is, damn, in a tight spot. BoA does not want to have to go any further with this than they have already - it's not going to be good from a relationship management perspective with the government or from a shareholder lawsuit perspective (these undoubtedly are being furiously drafted as I type). Very much a damned if you do damned if you don't and just damn! for good measure sort of situation.

Of course, all of this is ultimately on Ken Lewis, who seemed to bet that catching the falling blade early wouldn't cost him too many fingers. We'll see if they take his head off for it in the end.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

hurry up and buy

heavy rotation on the yiznu tiznu:

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Steely Johnson RIP

The man behind the Roots Radics mister Steely Johnson died last week.

There were few more accomplished session musicians in the dub world.

I have a goodly number of slabs with his work on them, from standalone Roots Radics stuff to Adrian Sherwood and Dub Syndicate work.

But is there a hit larger than his production on Dawn Penn's "no no no"?

No. No. No.