Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I still find it funny

...to see ed whitacre as CEO of general motors. of course it makes sense as an appointment, familiarity with a large union workforce, proven experience making strategic decisions for giant corporations, significant experience with politicians and regulators, and of course charm, ego and an incredible resolve. Don't forget he did start as a utility lineman back in the day too. What remains unclear however is if his tenure at AT&T (and of course it predecessor and successor companies, through its long and convoluted history) can be measured as a success in terms of long term strategy and, regardless of the answer to that question, he can make a go of GM.

Friday, January 08, 2010

life's a bitch, ain't it, bitch?

And I do mean bitch, bitch.


ps - on behalf of myself and everyone else on a bicycle that's been hit on purpose by someone in car: fuck you you bastard.

Monday, January 04, 2010

the matter with kansas

So I saw Joe Winston, Laura Cohen and their film What's the Matter with Kansas this weekend. Not only was it good to see them but it was a good film - they did a great job letting Kansas tell its story, which is of course hard for morally superior Chicagoans to do. I recommend it as a great example of what a documentary used to be and perhaps is supposed to be: a documentation of something, as opposed to an exhibit in a pleading.

The film, very much in Joe's style, lets the character's tell their stories and was clearly culled from much more material than one eventually sees in the film. What they did particularly well with is focusing on what makes an archetype and why it may not be wise to assume a single facade. Except of course for those characters who are archetypes, and the film has that too, so that we realize that even mono-dimensional characters have their place in the muck.

All of that and a brief but enjoyable visit with Joe and Laura between Q & A sessions at the Lumiere and a chance to meet their new boy (apparently he likes boobs and sleeping so we had a lot in common)