Welcome to the boy's website.

Some facts:
dad: aram
mom: mary
expected delivery date: Cinco de Mayo, 2010
registry: we've got a registry type thing up at amazon
baby shower: there will be co-ed party type shower thing in the mid march time frame.
requests: organic stuff please, wood before plastic, no video or computer-oriented stuff. if anyone can find an organic lucha libre mask, aram will do a keg stand at the baby shower.
no one has to buy jack shiznit we just figured it be easier to minimize duplicates and stuff we don't want with a registry. In fact, we'd much rather have handmade and homemade stuff, and art is always welcome. hand me downs are rad too, just ask us.
also taking: advice, recommendations, impartable wisdom, most forms of assistance.
excited: hell yes!
other information, accolades, condemnations, etc: that shumavon boy